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AnswerMore likely...if it shakes from side to side while driving I would strongly suspect a frozen upper or lower link in the rear suspension. Alignment issues will cause vibration but not side to side shaking.
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Why does my 1998 pathfinder shake while driving and not the tires?

check the upper and lower trail end bushings

Why does your Nissan Pathfinder sway while driving?

Rear upper & lower control arm bushings need to be replaced.

Why would the tachometer peg all the way over while driving in a 1995 Nissan Pathfinder?

There is something wrong with the tach. Take it to the shop. <--- wow, that is insightful!!

How heavy is Nissan Pathfinder?

The curb weight for the Nissan Pathfinder varies according to the year. For example, the 2013 model weighed 4185 pounds, while the 2014 had a curb weight of 4149 pounds.

Why does my 1996 Nissan Pathfinder sway while driving?

This is a well-known problem with this generation Pathfinders... the rear upper and lower control arm bushings are worn. Have them replaced and the sway should disappear.

What is the meaning of SE in the Nissan Pathfiner?

I bought a pathfinder a while back and they told me it meant Sports Edition.

Why does your engine shake while driving?

Maybe its your motor mounts.

Can the rim or tire cause the car to shake or vibrate?

Yes, either can cause a shake while driving.

What causes intermittent shake while driving?

Wheel balance may be off...

Can a person put voodoo on you and make your car shake while driving?


Why does your 1995 Nissan Altima die while driving?

Hope this link helps:

What makes a Nissan 240sx stop while you are driving?

what makes a 1991 Nissan 240sx stop while you drive. and it is not out of gas or oil. Could it be the ignition module

What causes a 1997 Nissan maxima to shut off while driving?

If you lost power while driving it could be the alternator. Its not charging your batter anymore

Why does 1997 pathfinder rock from side to side while driving?

You need to get your control arms/bushings replaced. It sways at speeds on or above 60mph. I just had it done to my 97 pathfinder. It is a problem that they have. boo :(

Why causes your Honda Odyssey steering wheel to shake while driving on the highway?

Wheels are out of balance

What would cause Jeep Wrangler to shake violently while driving?

I don't know you tell me.

Why does the steering wheel shake while im driving?

lose bolt no seriously its probly your alinement is off

What cause a 2003 dodge durango to shake while driving?

tires bad aligment balance. 65

What would make your 2005 Nissan altima stop while you are driving it?

It might have run out of gas.

What causes a 1995 Nissan Maxima steering to sway while driving?

I had a 1990 nissan maxima that use to do that and the problem was my rack and pinion bushings were bad

What would cause rpm to drop occasionally to make it seem as if it were going to stall while sitting at a light in a 2001 Nissan pathfinder?

mass air flow sensor

What would cause an engine to shake at idle and while driving?

It might be a broken motor mount or transmission mount.

Why do your car shake while driving?

Sounds like wheel imbalance or possibly a bad wheel bearing(s).

Why does the 03 Honda Odyssey steering wheel shake while driving at speed 30mph?

shifted or broken belt in the tires

Why does my 1997 Nissan Maxima keep shutting down while I'm driving?

you probably need a new alternator

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