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Why does your 1999 Nissan maxima security light flashes when ignition is offthen goes solid on with ignition on and while crankingand car will not start?


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I forgot to tell you after you connect the battery with the key in start position try to start the car after you reconnect the battery


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Actually on my 2003 Hyundai sonata gls i had the same problem...there is a manufactuer alarm that should set off when u put the key in and turn.. do that one more time(BUT makng sure alrm goes off then do it again) then don't take the key out turn offthen set it in the acc. position in the ignition after the alarm goes off then wait about 5 to 10 min and turn on by then it should have reprogramed and kick on..the third time is when you should be waiting for the programming to be down...its very very important that you do the programming on the third time...because the computers are built in the car and not built like most other American made cars....

The security light flashes when a programed key is not installed in the ignition, when you insert a programed immobilizer key in the ignition the security light will go out, the light flashes as a theft deterrent

A flashing Security light is indicating that the security system on your car is active.

You turn the ignition on, leave it in the on position until the security light stops flashing. It flashes 6 times, then the battery light comes on, then the security light flashes 6 more times. You have to make sure it stops flashing and just stays on. Then you can start your car. PS: If the engine does not start, then turn the ignition off to reset and then try to start it immedately. If this does not work try it again. It eventually starts, but patience is the key factor here.

If the security light is flashing you need to change the ignition switch it self. It is likely worn out.

Cycle the ignition on/off/on/off/on and count the flashes of the check engine light. A pattern of two flashes, pause, two flashes would be a code 22.

You replace the ignition cylinder and then turn the ignition (with key) to on position. All dash lights will light up in the on position. After a few seconds only the security light will flash. Leave the ignition on for 10 minutes while the security light flashes. At the end of the 10 minutes the security light will go out. This will be the first cycle of reseting the E.C.M. to read the new cylinder and ignition system replacement. At this point you do this process two more times. This will take proximately 30 minutes. At the end of all three cycles the car should come on. If you want someone to walk you through it E mail me at

Turn the ignition key on,off,on,off then on and count the the flashes of the check engine symbol .It flashes the first number then there is a short pause then it flashes the second number. Example 24 ( two flashes and a pause then four flashes). Look up this number in Chilton's/Haynes or the shop manual for the vehicle

Tampering or replacing ignition that does not match up with your key will cause your security to shut your car down.

If all other electronics in the car work (lights, dash, radio, etc.) but the car wont start and the security light is flashing, take your key, put it into the ignition, turn it to the on position, and wait a FULL ten minutes before attempting to start the car. If this does not work, try again. If it still does not work, then you will need to take the car to a dealership and have them replace the ignition switch and replace the key (cost: about 200$). If you don't care about the security system, you can buy a transistor at radioshack for about 2$ and have someone who knows what they are doing solder it to the ignition wires to permanently disable the security system.

Disabling the keyless ignition security lock on a 2007 Saturn can be done by programming the security locks. Turn the ignition to run, without actually starting the engine, and press the unlock switch for eight seconds.

The 2003 Pontiac Grand Prix does come with a factory security system installed. If your security system is enabled it should have a "security" light that flashes when the key is turned on.

It flashes when the battery becomes dead and you install a new one. you have to enter the security code found in the catalogue that came with your car. It flashes when the battery becomes dead and you install a new one. you have to enter the security code found in the catalogue that came with your car.

Sounds like you have a probelm with your security system recognizing your key. Check with one of the really good locksmith that also replace ignitions etc.

how do I set reset ignition security on a 1999 z34 monte carlo

The security light comes on after you changed the keys in the ignition from the off position to the on position as a confirmation that the electrical components in the dash board are working. It is nothing to be concerned about.

depending on the year you can disconnect the positive battery cable for a few minutes and then reconnect it. it may reset the security system.

it is the key if you go get the replcement key car will start

Cycle ignition key on,off,on,off,on and count the flashes of the check engine light. It will flash two digit codes. Two flashes, pause, two flashes would be a code 22. The other option is an OBD 1 capable scan tool.

Cycle ignition on, off, on, off, on and count the flashes of the check engine light. Two flashes, pause, two flashes would be code 22. Code 55 is end of message. When you get the codes you can ask a new question about the specific code number.

Why is my security light on and will not let my key come out of the ignition. 1999 buick regal

Will This car start and run because mine will not. and it does the same thing If you have found out anything please respond and let me know thank you

Put the key in the ignition and turn it into the run position, but don't start the car. Leave the key in the ignition until the security light stops flashing. The car will start now.

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