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my wifes tracker did the same thing. the cable came loose under the left side of the passenger seat right at the transmition hump under the dash a little bit. I didnt even have to remove any trim pieces

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โˆ™ 2006-10-23 10:53:06
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Q: Why does your 2001 Chev tracker blow hot air even when the thermostat is put on the blue cool side?
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How do you install a thermostat on a 2001 Chevy Silverado 1500 5.3 Liter?

you blow it up

Why would your 2001 Gallant only blow cold air from the heater?

Your thermostat is the likely culprit here it is probably stuck closed. Have it checked out.

Can a bad thermostat make ac blow hot air?

No. The thermostat is not likely to be the cause.

Why does your chev diesel blow white smoke?

white smoke is water. head gasket or ?

Why would a heater on a 2001 Chevy Blazer blow cold air if the thermostat was just replaced?

The heater valve could be failing to open for one reason or another.

What would cause your 2001 dodge truck to blow warm air on high heat?

in most cases your engine thermostat is stuck oped not allowing your engine to warm up fully. a new thermostat and gasket is usually under $10.00

What is causing the defroster fuse to blow in a 2001 Chevy Tracker?

wrong size fuse. wire from fuse to rear defrosted damaged and shorting to the body. wire at actual window shorting to body.

My heater will blow but not hot ive replaced the thermostat?

Check into the temperature control valve--this is different than the thermostat.

When was Blow released?

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How do you fix blow by on 350 chev engine?

You must replace the piston rings. That means TIME FOR A REBUILD.

Why would a thermostat run hot and the car heater blow cold air?

Insufficient amount of coolant or thermostat not opening

Can a thermostat cause your car's heater to blow warm air?


Would straight antifreeze make heater blow cold air?

No! Thermostat.

When was Blow Dry created?

Blow Dry was created on 2001-03-09.

Why does the heat in your 2001 Ford Expedition blow cold air?

Low coolant? Bad thermostat? Heater core plugged, restricted or airbound? Bad heater control? Water pump not circulating coolant?

What can you check as to why 99 Oldsmobile Silhouette will not blow hot air for heater Changed and flushed collent and replaced thermostat already Switches seems fine?

How did you change the thermostat?

Heat won't blow in a 2002 Olds Bravada?

is there heat to blow or does the blower not work chk thermostat or vacuumn at htr sw respectfully

What can cause my Mitsubishi Eclipse to have poor heat?

Thermostat, or fan motor if it does not blow hard.

How do you make your heat blow hot in a 1998 sebring?

Make sure you have the right thermostat,

Heater does not blow hot all relays are good?

Check the thermostat or heater core

What happen if you remove the thermostat?

your car will over heat and you might blow your head gasket

Why would heater blow out hot in the summer and cold in the winter?

Could be a bad thermostat.

Why does your electric furnace blow cold air only sometimes?

it may blow cold air due to the fact that the heat anticipator on your thermostat may be set to long. you can change useing your owners manual for your thermostat but you should have a service tech do it

How do you fix a heater that quit on a 1999 Chevy Tracker?

When you have the heater on, does it just blow any air at all? or no air?

What year did the movie blow come out?