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Transmission is low of lube.

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When driving your 2007 jeep commander it makes a whining noise?

Could be a tired power steering pump or simply low on p/s fluid.

Whining noise when turning steering wheel?

A whining noise present when turning the steering wheel indicates a faulty power steering pump. As the pump fails, it allows air to enter the system and a distinct whine.

Why is my Power steering whining on escort van?

It probably needs power steering fluid added.

How does air in the power steering system affect driving?

Depending on the model of vehicle, steering may require more effort due to aeration of the fluid and you may also hear a whining noise from the p/s pump.

When engine is cold you hear a whining noise when turning the steering wheel?

could be where your power steering fluid is cold and thick

Do ball joints make whining noise when turning steering wheel?

no it will be your power steering pump it is worn or lowe on oil

Why does your ford pickup make a whining sound when pressing on the throttle?

First thing that comes to mind is the power steering pump. Ford is famous for whining power steering pumps. The noise should be present whenever the truck is running, but more pronounced when dry steering or increase in rpm.

Why does my van make a whining noise especially when you turn?

It is likely to be the power steering pump complaining that the power steering fluid is low.

What causes a whining noise when you turn your steering wheel I have a Buick Century 2004?

Low power steering fluid level? Power steering pump going bad?

Mercury Sable Whining Power steering?

This is your power steering pump failing, I would suggest replacing it sooner rather than later.

Ford transit whining noise when driving?

Probably your alternater on its way out.

For a 2000 Buick Century Custom what symptoms identify a power steering pump problem?

It is very hard to turn the steering wheel and/or a whining or squealing noise when you turn the steering wheel.

What would cause a whining noise while accelerating?

Whining noises often come from the alternator or the steering pump. Check the power steering fluid in the pump (there is a dipstick on the pump), and have an AVR test done on the alternator. If the alternator is faulty, you are probably having battery problems as well. If the steering pump is low on fluid or is faulty, you probably are experiencing jerky steering from time to time.

What could cause a humming or whining sound from a 2001 Altima engine after cranking continuing when driving it is louder when accelerating and decelerating also very noticeable when turning corners?

Check the power steering pump for the cause of the noise. I sounds like the pump is causing the whining and is either low on fluid or possibly going bad.

Is the Whining noise when I make turns in my Chevy Impala my Power Steering?

check the fluid level in the power steering reservoir and make sure it's where it should be.

Why is your power steering whining on 1994 Chrysler town and country?

most likely low power steering fluid level or the level was low and took out the pump.

What causes the steering column makes a whining noise when turning at low speeds or stopped?

You might need to flush your power steering fluid system. What causes this whining or sizzling noise is the hydraulic bar getting stuck which a driver doesn't feels in its rack. or if your car recently visited a ditch or hot a side walk really hard, these factors can effect your steering rack and steering Coulomb.

Can burnt power steering fluid cause a whining sound?

Usually a bad bearing or loose belt.

What causes a whining noise when turning steering wheel in a 2004 F150?

Faulty power steering pump, bad power steering fluid, insufficient or excessive power steering fluid.

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