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Ford Motor Company makes Fords, Lincolns & Mercurys. The Mercury Sable is the same car as a Ford Taurus, just different names and a little different trim. they use the same parts.


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The ECM in a 1999 Mercury Sable is located on the inside of the vehicle on the passenger side. It is located under the kick plate.

you have to remove it and and reinstall the new one and have it progamed to the car spec.

you are going to need a 10mm and an 11mm scoket and undo the center bolt on the connecter and then there are to side bolts and that you pull it out.

Where is the ECM located on ford expidition 4.6

Where is the ecm on a 03 explorer

Open the glove compartment and you will see a rectangle black box. On the firewall under the hood there is also a screw. Basically the ecm has two screws. one on the inside on the glovecompartment and one under the hood. WHEN THE ECM IS REMOVED YOU WILL BE ABLE TO SEE UNDER THE HOOD FROM THE INSIDE OF THE CAR.

The 1997 Ford Ranger ECM computer is located behind the dashboard. The computer will be on the passenger side of the passenger compartment.

The 1993 Ford F1 50 ECM is located on the back of the transmission. The ECM will be near the bottom of the transmission.

in the passenger kick panel

It's programmed into the engine ECM.

You should have your ECM changed so that you are not using too much gas. If you don't switch out your ECM your car will get worse and drink more gas.

the engine control module (ecm) is located behind the passanger kick pannel. which is located by the floor, passanger side.

above brake pedel behind fuse block

if it is a 4.6 v8 you dont it is controled by the ecm

under hood .it under brake booster on firewall

In order to locate the ECU on the 1987 Ford F150, you will need to first remove the ECM. Once the ECM is removed, the ECU lies right behind the left side kick panel.

The ECM is located under the dash where the console meets the heating and air conditioning controls. Its on the tunnel housing in front of the console.

I've never seen that happen. It's really rare for an ECM to go bad.

The ECM is mounted on the center of the firewall behind the dash. It requires removal of most of the dash panel to replace. 'Ya think maybe they didn't want anybody to mess with it?

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