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Why does your 91 TSi eagle talon bog down as soon as you make it work in the slightest and idle rough or die completely when you let off the gas?



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Because the ECU on those shuts off the fuel when you let off the gas rather than just scaling back. Also could be bad idle controller, especially if it's surging. Check for vacuum leaks or leaks in the turbo also. It shouldn't bog down when you make it work, should get up and go. Probably your idle controller or your ECU. This sounds like the same issue i had with my 92 talon tsi and the first thing i did was checking for vacuum leaks and there were a couple but nothing changed, i figured out the idling issue was the idle position switch next to were you can rev up your engine under the hood. This can be fixed by adjusting the nut on it. When my talon was bogging down all i had to do was change the bad fuel filter and make sure there is no fuel leaks because that can cause the bogging too