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stopped up fuel filter or poor fuel delivery

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Q: Why does your 94 Chevy 350 run fine at idle but wont run when driving it?
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1990 Chevy 1500 pickup 5.7 liter V8 it starts fine but it wont idle if you give it gas its fine but if you let it idle it goes from a low idle to a high idle a couple times then dies is it the ecmchip?

I just bought a 79 Chevy with the 5.7 350 in was doing the same thing next time you put gas in it get some sort of additive like carb cleaner and put it in the gas then try and blow it out a little I drove mine about 100 miles when I bought it and it seems to be just fine now

Why won't your 1990 Chevy idle?

1990 gmc p/u 5.7 wont idle showing code 12

What is wrong with a 1991 Chevy Cavalier Z24 when it wont idle?

possibly a vacuum leak, low fuel pressure, or the idle air control has failed,

You are having problems with your 99 escort idleing it runs fine but does not want to idle?

check the pcv valve and hoses if there is a vacuum leak here it wont idle

97 Chevy venture wont start unless gas pedal is pressed and held a 2k idle?

Check the throttle position sensor or the idle control motor

Why wont my 2002 Toyota solara idle but runs fine?

Try to clean your throttle body. If you disconnect your battery or get a bad connection your throttle body will act up if it is dirty and it will not idle.

Motor stops running i have changed my carby my coil my dizy cap but my car keeps stoppng it starts but want idle unlees reved?

the idle solinoid may need changing, or its power source is not plugged in or working. If the solinoid is not powered the carby wont know where to idle, it will drive fine but wont idle when you pull up at lights ect.

Chevy lumina wont start on the first turn but does on the 2nd?

Could be you need a new fuel idle motor. Or you need new spark plugs

Why will a brand new carburetor on a 350 start and take the gas fine but won't idle?

i bought a brand new high performance carburetor, the fuel pressure is at six pounds but the car wont idle. it willl talke the gas fine bught dies if you let off the throttle?

1988 Chevy truck wont idle and stalls when put it in drive but will run if you hold the gas down in park i put new fuel pump on plugs and wires and cap.?

Carb needs curb idle adjusted or rebuild.

99 Chevy silverado 4.8l it idles fine until you drive it then it idles up to 15-1700 rpm and wont stop till you shut it down then when i start it again it idles normally until i drive again why?

Probably a bad idle air control valve.

Why will motor only start by adding gas to carburetor will idle fine after motor fires but wont shut off and start back up?

The carburetor needs rebuilding.

I have a 1997 Chevy cavalier 2.2 that drives fine down the road but after sitting at an idle for a while starts idleing really rough and dies and then wont start for awhile what is the problem?

Is it over heating? Does it have a clogged PCV valve? If neither of those maybe you have a fuel pump that's going bad.

What does it mean when a 1998 Chevy cavilers engine shuts down when driving wont start back up?

time for a major tune up

My tbi on your 87 Chevy is hissing it sounds like a air leak but it coming out the tbi and wont idle what causes this?

The idle control solanoid is bad or dirty,could be hung open. the base gasket under the TBI could be blown or cracked. NEUTZ

Why does your truck start fine in the morning after a few hours of driving if you shut if off it wont start again?

Maybe you worked your truck a little to Hard. EASE UP on driving just a bit.

My air conditioning in 1500 Chevy silverado is working and blowing but it wont come out my vents?

i had the same problem .. i got frion and put it in and it worked fine

My350 Chevy boggs out when hot will idle but wont take gas right dies and exhaust sounds totally different?

Replace your thermostat, radiator cap and flush your radiator with pressure.

What happens if your 97 Camry starts fine but wont idle on its own you have to keep it at a contant idle for a minute or two then it starts to idle on its own and after its been running it wont do it?

The issue may be one of several things. It may be caused by a clogged fuel line or fuel filter. There may also be a problem with the fuel pump, or a hole in the fuel line. It may also be caused by the fuel/air mixture being off.

Why wont a car idle?

try adjusting the idling level

What is the rattling noise on a Honda Foreman 400 at idle?

its in the top end ..its the wrist pin that holds the piston to the crankshaft..but its fine just run the hell outta it ,it wont hurt nouthing cus its a Honda

Will a Chevy 350 starter fit on a Chevy 454?

no it wont to small of a starter

1987 Chevy G20 sportman with a 305 starts fine when cold turns over but wont start when hot?

Timing Advance not working or fuel sensor messed up.

Why won't 1999 Mazda B2500 idle correctly when started cold?

your truck wont idle correctly when its cold, because its cold...and nothing runs correctly when it's cold. your truck wont idle correctly when its cold, because its cold...and nothing runs correctly when it's cold.

Why does my jet ski start and run and idle and rev just fine out of water but wont rev in the water and has no power in the water?

check for holes in the casing around the engine that might be allowing water in the engine and flooding it.