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Check your compressor for the air ride, when the compressor goes bad it can burn out your alt

2010-12-11 14:00:21
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Q: Why does your 95 mark viii lose all power and flash the battery light for about 2 seconds during driving and then recovers?
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How does an alternator cause a negative draw on the battery rather than charging it It's a 90 Buick LeSabre 3.8. It produces an output charge during idle but draws on the battery in high rpm driving?

The alternator will not draw power from the battery but the rest of the vehicle systems will. If your alternator is not functioning properly the battery takes the toll.

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Could likely be a dying battery or bad alternator. I would have your battery checked out. This just happened to me and turned out that my battery was bad.

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While driving your 1999 Rav-4 the ECT power light on the dash came on during a rainy day how you turn it off and on?

unplug the negative wire from the battery for a few minutes. if this doesnt work it has to be cleard with a scaner(shop)!