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Why does your 96 Impala SS leak water in the car only when the AC is running?


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The condensate drain is most likely stopped up.

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There could be a leak, maybe a small leak, and only when it overheats. Also, check the oil and make sure there is no water in the oil. It will probably look weirdly milky on the dipstick if there is water in the oil.

When vehicle is running: Water pump is circulating coolant and cooling system pressure is building

Where is the leak from? The fuel filler? The fuel tank? A fuel line? Does the leak occur only when the engine is running? Does the leak only occur when the vehicle is parked on an inclined surface?

your fuel line has a leak when the truck is running cus that's when it is sucking fuel from the tank.check your lines when its running to find the leak.

Maybe the door protector is torn and water leaks through there. if that's not the case then is could be your door has an un even opening. and that is where the water goes through

Pressure test system to determine where leak originates

They do not leak due to the water proof seal that is at the bottom of the door. Now water can still leak only though if people actively splash water frhom inside the tub.

YES THERE IS A LOT OF TRASH THAT CAN GET IN THE VALVE TO MAKE IT LEAK. YOU MIGHT BE ABLE TO CLEAN IT FURTHER I found that with the pump running, the pool water was rising as apparently the pump was pulling water out of the ground. This was with the pool water low and the skimmer plugged off in order to try to filter after a bad storm. When I shut off the pump, the pool water went down as the valve did not seat properly.

yes pompeii had running water but only the rich people

Auto transmissions operate on pump pressure. The pump turns when the engine is running. This is why it leaks only when running.

A roof leak will only be around when it's raining and a plumbing wall leak will be there forever. Which do you have? Food coloring in water and poured down suspected leak paths is very useful. Use different colors.

You can put a new or rebuilt water pump in to stop the leak. That's the only right way.

about the only affect this will have , is that it will leak oil when engine is running

Only the evaporator (indoor) coil collects water from the air called condensate. That is the only water in the system. If you have a water leak, the collection pan or drain has failed. Most systems have a secondary safety pan and drain system also.

Only if it's going bad. When the bearing and seal are starting to go bad the water pump will leak from the weep hole.

Age -- they are only good for about 12 to 15 years

the blend door may not be operating properly, or a vacuum leak may be present.

No, you have a leak in the radiator most likely or somewhere in the cooling sysetem. ie a hose possibly. If it is your radiator and dont want to spend the money on a whole new one a simple fix is to go buy stop leak from your local automotive store. If it is a hose a new one is in order, which is not too costly. The reason it only leaks when it is not running is because when it is running the pressure holds the hole shut or pushes something against the hole.

Generally that means there is a leak, there could be a clog in the "burner" or pilot light. like on a gas stove, the flame only comes out of one side, or none at all in some cases.

You can try putting some "Stop Leak" in your radiator, but the only proper way is to remove the water pump and replace the gasket and the Pump too if it's leaking.

Because we are wasting it. There is only a limited supply of fresh water we can use. :(

The thermostat controls only the temperature of the water.

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