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Check the following: - O2 sensor - Idle control motor You should also have it check on a diagnostic computer because it more then likely a bad sensor.

AnswerMy car is having the exact same problem. When I start the car the idel goes up and then returns to normal range for a short time. After a few seconds it will start to run rough (the RPMs start to get rough going from 500 to zero and then back up) with a rev of the motor this stops. When i put the car in gear it almost dies that is if it doesn't. Then it seems like it is hard for the car to take off. Once going the car is fine until i must stop at a sign or a light. When i am stopped the cars RPMs start getting rough going from 500 to zero again and sometimes dieing. It starts right back up again. So if anyone could give me a sugestion that would be great. I drive a 98 sable 3.0L


I had the same problem with my '97 cavalier and the problem ended up being a bad battery connection. If there is a red cover over the positive terminal remove it.


I had the exact problem with my 93 Chevy z24. it kept doing it until my dad suggested unplugging the tcc solenoid on the transmission. hasn't done it since. a mechanic told me something wasnt engaging and made the car act like a manual when you don't press the clutch. and shut off. i .

All the above are good answers. I had the exact same problem, my solution was a new TPS (throttle positioning sensor). After replacing, the car was still hard to start but idle was smoother however the main problem still existed. I started searching for vacuume leaks. Sure enough I found a vacuume hose in front of the throttle body that was dry rotted. It's 1/4" rubber hose about 4'' long. Goes from a sensor to the bottom of the throttle body. I replaced the hose with a 67 cent piece of vaccume hose and problem solved..card runs great now.

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Q: Why does your 98 Cavalier Z24 engine RPM drop at idle and almost stall then return to normal?
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