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Why does your CD player display show up randomly?

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you might just need batteries

2007-01-02 21:19:55
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Why does your CD radio display show SHP and changes tracks randomly?

I'm pretty sure it means Shuffle Play which will randomly go through your CDs tracks and play them.

Which car CD player has the best visual display and the nicest look to it?

Many new cd players such as the double din size one by kenwood feature a full LCD display that can even show movies.

Why does the 2001 Chevy Tracker CD player show error?

what kind of cd player is in a 2001 checy tracker

How can you build a display to sell Cd's that the customer can select a CD and hear a little of the music over a speaker?

Your best bet is an MP3 player display. It has to be custom made and you have to convert a sample of each CD track to MP3.

Can a CD player can be converted to DVD player. Or else what best we can do with CD player?

Although CD players and DVD players share the same disc transport system, the laser and virtually all the electronics are different. A CD player cannot read DVDs although most DVD players will read and play CDs without a problem. So, a CD player will always be a CD player and never a DVD player. The best thing to use a CD player for is to play CDs or, if it happens to be able to read and display images from a CD, then perhaps you can use it for picture viewing.

How do you remove the CD player from Toyota Highlander 2011?

the dvd player ejects ok but the cd eject does not work it has a cd installed can not get it out you can hear a buzzing as it trys to eject any help would be grateful this unit has the dvd map display

What could be the problem with my car CD player if it takes and ejects my CD but the player doesnt show that its has power?

It doesnt play songs eaither.

IF a CD player on a 1998 Jaguar XK8 will only display loading and the radio works fine any suggestions on what might be wrong?

Replace the CD cartridge or use a CD cleaning disk.

Does a remote with a display come with the sony cdp-cx355 300-disc cd changer?

No, the remote does not have a display. The CD changer main unit has a display of only 13 alphanumeric characters for a CD description.

Why does CD player in 2003 ford expedition show CD error?

Mine had a CD stuck inside ,anytime you would select CD it would read error the CD came out on it's own

Is it easy to program a car CD player to play selected Playlists?

If it has a digital display or a remote then it is usually fairly easy.

What is wrong with a compact disc when you put a CD in and it will no read CD?

If the CD Player will not read the CD then either there is something wrong with the CD or the CD player or the CD or CD player needs to be cleaned.

The JVC KDR540 has a slot load cd mechanism above the radio display. This is common in many Cd players ?

The JVC KDR540 has a slot load cd mechanism above the radio display. This is common in many Cd players

What kind of display does the Coby MP-CD521CD Portable CD Player have?

It has a small LCD,about half an inch by three inches.

What does NO CD mean on Audi CD player?

It means there is no disk in the CD player.

Are Graphics displayed while audio CD playing on a ps2?

There are no graphics to display on an Audio CD

How do you remove a stuck CD from a car player?

cd player

Does the 2001 Mercury Sable come with a CD player?

The 2001 Mercury Sable does come with a CD player. If the car does not have a CD player in it, an install kit can be purchased to install a CD player.

What kind of CD player is best to use when walking?

cd walkman / portable cd player

How do you remove the CD changer 2001 GMC Denali?

The trim around the cd player and fuel/menu display just clip in. You'll have to remove the trim around the cup holders too which also just clip in. The cd player will not slide out until you remove trim from around the cup holders. It just barely hits but is alot easier to do it. Once you have the trim removed push down on clips on both sides of the player mount and slide the cd player out.

When i play Age of Empires rise of rome without the disk it display a message You must insert a game CD to play single player insert the disc and restart Age of Empires?

there is something called hacking cause i don't have the cd but i can play single player

Why does your 2002 miata CD player keep spitting out your CD's and displaying check on the display?

It might be caused by a dirty read head in the CD player. You could purchase CD player cleaning disk and try using it. I assume that you are trying to play regular music CDs and not MP3 encoded CDs that you burned on your computer. Most CD players before 2005 were not capable of playing MP3 format music files.

How do you remove a broken CD from in dash player of an 03 navigator?

Remove the decorative cover from your 2003 Lincoln Navigator CD player. Remove the CD player retaining screws. Slide the CD player out. Remove the wiring harness from the back of the CD player.

What is the difference between a CD player and a CD changer?

a cd player is designed to hold and play only 1 cd at a time where a cd changer can hold multiple cds and will let you select which cd to play. you will have to remember which cd is in which place in the player

How do remove CD player from a 2004 jeep liberty?

Remove the cd player decorative cover. Remove the cd player retaining screws. Remove the wiring harness from the back of the cd player.