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If this is in reference to burned CD's, it is an incompatibility issue with the burned disk and the CD player.

If the error occurs when the disk is a manufactured standard music CD disk in good condition, there is likely a mechanical issue with the laser read arm, or the laser itself is malfunctioning. The most common cause for that is debris on the laser lens.

The CD player is struggling to read the total play time of the CD and count the number of tracks. Sort of like compiling the play list.

Try burning the CD at a slower speed, which makes the data easier to read for older CD players.

Also, while the CD player is attempting to read the burned disk (right after you put it in), try pressing the Next Song arrow button as if you are skipping forward a few songs. Sometimes this will help the CD player determine how many songs are on the disk and it will start playing.

Once the CD player has started playing successfully, you should not have an issue with the disk when starting the vehicle or powering the CD player on and off. However, if you remove the disk the memory is wiped and the process must be repeated.
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Q: Why does your CD player in your 2004 Cavalier just eject the CD's and show an err message?
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