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Sounds like you possibly have trapped air in the system. Bleed all trapped air form the cooling system. Jack up the front of the car, and remove the radiator cap. Fill the system to the top with coolant and start the engine. Let it run until no more air bubbles are escaping. Keep it full while doing this. Also look for bleeder valves and use them if equipped. Funny thing, one side of the car was overheating. The trapped air theory seems to have been correct. I'm assuming the the gauage was all over the place because it WAS hot, and then the rush of water came in and cooled it off. Too bad I didn't figure that out sooner. I checked all of the cylinders for leaks after it overheated and found that #4 and #6 actually squirt water out of the spark plug hole. I have ceased driving the car and will fix the head gasket tomorrow first thing (hope the head is okay).

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Your 1980 Toyota truck keeps blowing fuses the gauge fuse which keeps your gauge dash lights and heater from working what could be your proplem?

there is a short somewhere in dash or heater, you need to fix that to stop fuses blowing

How do you fix the heat in a 94 Chevy S-10?

add water to the radiator. believe that. if there is no water flowing through the engine, your heater will only blow cold air. if there is no water flowing through the engine and your heater is only blowing cold air, and not HEATING, your heater core is probably going out or will be soon. most people believe that if you have no water in the engine then your temperature gauge will run hot and you will know that you are overheating the engine. WRONG! your temp gauge only measures WATER temp. But if there is no water to measure, there is no temperature rise showing on the dashboard gauge. if you have NO WATER in the engine you can seriously overheat your engine and not know it because the gauge is not getting any hotter than usual (sometimes your gauge will even read cooler than usual).

1998 transport over heating. when the temp gauge is normal heater is blowing hot when temp gauge gets hot heater blows cool replaced thermostate Why would it be over heating?

This would indicate that the system is low on coolant when the gauge is hot. Not enough coolant to service the heater core.

What is the solution for a 2004 Chevy Impala temperature gauge that stays on 260 degrees and car is not overheating?

get a new temperature sensor.

What could cause a 1992 GMC 1 ton to keep blowing the gauge fuse?

Shorted of overheating circuit. make sure there is no coins in ash tray

Just had intake gasket fixed then turned around and had to get the heater core fixed now it is not blowing out hot air out of the heater why?

Check the temperature gauge. If it is running cold, replace the thermostat.

Why is1999 ford expedition showing overheating when it is not overheating?

Fault temp gauge.

1992 Chevy pick-up gauge show that is overheating but there are no sign of it?

take it to a local shop that reads codes for free... could be a sensor is out

Your temperature gauge indicates overheating but water and oil levels are fine and heater works what is wrong?

If you are absolutely sure you do not have air trapped in your cooling system then you may have a defective gauge if you are getting heat through your heater. Usually I would say you have a coolant flow problem with either a stuck thermostat or a bad water pump but if you have heat from your heater, then you must have circulating coolant in your system. I would check the gauge or the sensor.

98 chevy truck check gauge light comes on?

That light notifies you that one of the gauges is out of its normal parameter. Check the temp (overheating), the voltage (not charging) and the oil pressure gauge (low or no oil pressure).

Why would a 1999 Nissan altima temperature gauge fluctuate and car is not overheating?

My Altima had that problem and it was the water pump going out. It started with temperature gauge was moving, but then it started leaking and finally the heater stopped being warm at idle.

Signs of a bad thermostat?

Thermostat stuck closed, engine overheating, temp gauge running very hot. Thermostat stuck open, little or no heat from heater, temp gauge not moving much off of cold mark.

Why does a cars temperature gauge go up to the red linewhen driving and the heater starts blowing out cold air and does it periodically?

sounds like the thermostat is sticking

Would my car be damage if i drive it when my Heater is blowing cold air and the Heat gauge show it's hot?

no ,but u will have to get it checked up on mabe, reprogrammed

If your air conditioner on your 2000 subaru outback suddenly stops blowing cold air what could the problem be?

One reason is engine overheating - check your temp gauge and coolant as a first step.

In your 91 Toyota Camry it keeps blowing a fuse that controls the heater blower temp gauge and seat belt retractor?

You have a short current somewhere. You have basically check all wires around the blower, temp gauge and retractor.

Faulty temperature gauge on Chevy truck?

Driving home yesterday my temperature gauge on the 2003 Chevy silverado went all the way to the right as if it was overheating. No overheat light came on. I pulled over and checked everything and nothing was hot and it had water. So it wasn't actually overheating but the temperature gauge was all the way to the right as if it was overheating. After getting home I let the truck sit awhile and restarted it and the gauge didn't reset. What causes this and how can I fix it? Thanks for your time! Also reset it by disconnecting battery it was good for two days after turning key off and on the needle keep going higher and higher. Can you help I changed sending unit no luck now what?

How do you know if your motorcycle is overheating if you have no temp gauge?

If there is no temperature gauge on a motorcycle, the way to tell if the motorcycle is overheating is by smell or feel. If the bike smells like radiator hot water, it might be overheating. If the legs of the operator start to become so warm that it is uncomfortable to ride, it might be overheating.

Can the thermostat be bad if the heater doesn't work?

If you are not getting heated air blowing from the heater core and your engine coolant temperature gauge is showing LOW or below normal , ( then YES , IT'S POSSIBLE that your engine cooling thermostat is sticking open )

2003 dodge ram heater won't work it's only blowing cold air?

Look at the engine temperature gauge. If it goes over 200 degrees, change the thermostat as it is stuck and therefore not allowing coolant to the heater core.

What would cause the temp gauge on a 1998 Chevy Venture to fluctuate from midrange to hot and back down to mid range again car is not overheating gauge just moves up and down and the fan comes on?

is the coolant disapeering at all ?

Why would your 96 accord be overheating when its full of fluid and you replaced the thermostat and the temperature gauge doesnt go past a quarter and you smell antifreeze under the hood?

It could be that your heater core is blocked or damaged somehow.

1997 F-150 Heater is blowing warm air not hot Would this be the thermostat or heater core Anti-freeze is full. Engine temp stays in the lower middle of the gauge.?

The thermostat is the most likely culprit. The major clue is that the engine temp stays in the lower middle of the gauge - the heater core would not cause this. The thermostat is most likely stuck in the open position - needs replacement.

When to refill your ac unit in your car 04 Chevy aveo?

Freon may need to be added when the ac is not blowing cold enough. A Freon gauge can tell you for sure if the pressure is low.

What make temperature go up but car is not overheating?

if the temperature goes up on ur gauge but it is not overheating means ur thermostat is no good