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Since those items get their power from the auxiliary fuse block, below the main, I would suspect one of the plug-in power relays! Also, check the fuses that go into the auxiliary fuse block. It is possible it is as simple as a blown fuse. It happens in mine from time to time. My auxiliary fuse block is beside the drivers side captains chair behind the driver. Yours may be different.

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Why would the instrument panel lights in a Pontiac Grand Am not be working?

If they are all not working, I would suspect a blown fuse, or they are just turned off. There is a rheostat used to control the brightness of the instrument lights. If it is turned too far the lights will go off. Find the control and turn it. Sometimes it is the reset button for the odometer and sometimes it is a separate control. Look in your owner's manual for the location.

How do you replace bulbs in heater control panel on xsara Picasso?

You can replace the balls in the heater control panel on an XS ARA Picasso by removing the front cover of the heater control panel. The panel lights will then be visible.

How do you change the lights over the license plate of a 1991 Chevy Camaro?

You can remove the panel inside the back of the car. From there you can access your tail lights and your tag lights.

On a 2003 Pontiac Montana the rear brake lights don't work and the bulbs are not burned out?

the control panel on the rear lights goes bad. you can get a new panel on carstuff.com for cheap

How do you change burned out bulbs in control panel in 1995 Camry?

Change the fuse controlling the control panel lights. You need to check wire harness around the panel because you have to high voltage in the circuit.

How do you change bulb on instrument panel of 2000 Chevy Impala?

you cannot service panel lights on 2000 impala . you hav to replace the instrument cluster.

What fuse is for the dash lights for a 1993 Chevy Cavalier?

it is the one in the fuse block marked inst or panel

Where are the computers on a 1999 Chevy Tahoe?

there are three. the body control mod, the engine control mod and the panel control mod. body and panel are under the dash. engine is by the radiator overflow container.

Does 2002 infiniti QX4 have an electrial panel to control head lights?

does 2002 inifiniti QX4 have an electrial panel to control each head light (low & high beam)?

Where do you find the engine control module at on a 1994 Chevy cavalier?

remove glove box panel ecm is located behind panel

What fuse controls the courtesy lights on a Chevy Venture Van?

Hi, The courtesy lights are really controlled by the Body Control Module (BCM), but there is a main fuse that supplies power for the courtesy light function. I believe it is fuse # 35 in the fuse panel that is located in the passenger side dash panel. I have included a link that has a picture and drawing of that fuse panel (see below). Good Luck, Greg

How do you fix your parking lights and instrument panel if they won't come on in your 97 Sentra?

You should first make sure that the instrument panel dimmer control is not turned down, this can sometimes happen when dusting or cleaning your car. If you are not sure where it is, check the owners manual.

What can cause signal lights to not work sometimes?

Forgetting to throw the switch.Answer #2Sometimes the control panel burn out, which causes power failure to the lights. Sometimes the signal switch becomes damaged. There are other problems that can cause traffic light failures but the most common reason is the bulbs burned out. Finally, you may wish to test your fuses.

Where is the Center Instrument Panel Fuse Block in a 2006 Chevy Tahoe and how do you get to it?

I would love that answer as well. Some of my instrument panel lights are out, and the diagram in the owner's manual is horrible.

How to remove tail lights?

Sometimes the lights are bolted in from behind, in the trunk area behind a panel or cloth. Or they may have knobs to unscrew. Sometimes bulbs can be replaced just a s easily from behind.

Where is the transfer case control module on a 2004 Chevy Avalanche?

It is behind the light switch in the instrument panel.

Which fuse is for window control in 2003 Chevy Malibu?

passenger panel, circuit breaker closest to the middle.

How do you replace instrument panel lights?

you take apart the dash and get to the instrument panel. then you take the instrument panel out and on the back of the panel you'll will see the lights

What do indicator lights mean on a 2005 Chevy Impala?

See {Warning Lights, Gages and Indicators} on page 3-26 of your "Owner's Manual", under Section 3: Instrument Panel.....

How do you get the master lighting switch off that is on in your 2000 Ford Windstar?

The panel dimmer control is to the right of the headlamp control. If you roll the panel dimmer control up past detente (the catch), it is in the full up position and all of the interior lights will remain on. If you roll the panel dimmer control down past detente, the interior lights will turn off (unless they are individually turned on in which case the panel dimmer switch is overridden). I would also suggest the question could be related to interior lights that keep coming on due to a stuck door ajar switch. See "Related Questions" below for more about that.

Why would the instrument panel lights not work on a 1992 Chevy Astro van?

Check to see if the fuse is blown. Michelle Ress USA

How do you replace the AC control light bulbs on a 97 Chevy silverado and what bulb does it take?

If you are talking about the lights behind the AC control buttons, they are "grain of rice" style bulbs. I found them at a railroading model/hobby shop. Be sure they are rated for 12V. Remove the dash panel around the AC controller, remove the AC control unit, pry apart the front panel to access the PC board which the original bulbs are soldered to.

How do you replace panel lights on a Toyota sequoia?

How do I replace the dash panel lights on a 2001 toyota sequoia?

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