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Check for vacuum leaks. Or air leaks. Usually air leaks. This is called idle hunting. Air is getting into the system somewhere between the throttle plate and the intake valves. It leans out the air/fuel mixture. The FI system adds more fuel to compensate, which makes the engine run faster. Eventually the computer will realize a car with the throttle closed isn't supposed to idle as fast as it is, and it will cut the gas to slow it back down. Fix this by finding the air leak. WD40 can be helpful here. It's flammable. You squirt a little on anything you suspect of leaking. If the engine accelerates, that means the WD40 got sucked in at that point and became fuel. Tighten the part and squirt some more WD40 on it. No more acceleration? Keep checking seals, they leak in pairs.

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Q: Why does your Civic idle between 1000 and 1500 rpms by itself?
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