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I really need to know which Ford you have, although the Explorer temp blend door is prone to breaking, and it will act just like that.

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โˆ™ 2006-03-09 03:43:37
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Q: Why does your Ford blow hot air when you set the temp dial on cold and heat on normal air condition and cool on max setting?
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Where are the fuses for towing lights on a 2002 ford explorer?

Fuses blow when there is a short circuit or an over current condition.

Your heater will not blow on your 1996 Ford Contour?

heater will not blow on a 1996 ford contour

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What is wrong if the only air condition setting that works is high4 1-3 doesnt even blowand the AC light doesnt come on It will only blow on the highest setting Any Ideas?

You may have a faulty switch that controls the speeds on the a/c blower fan.

Why would the door lock fuse blow on a 1995 ford expedition?

There is no 1995 ford Expedition!

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What would cause the Air Conditioning to only blow out the defrost vents in a 1999 Ford F-250 Diesel?

Some ford truck hvac systems will default to the defrost setting if the is a problem with the electrical or vaccum parts of the system. I encountered a ford truck that had a mouse living under the hood and chewed through the vacuum hoses and would only blow on defrost.Do a good visual check including electrical,such as fuses etc...

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What causes oil to blow out of the dip stick and oil filler holes on a 1996 Ford Aspire?

It's called "blow-by", a condition caused by combustion gasses leaking past the piston rings. It's an indication that the engine has not been adequately maintained. That means that you are in need of a new set of piston rings.

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Why does your 1997 Ford Crown Vic blow?

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What would cause smoke to blow through the defrost of a 1990 Ford F 150 while the heater is switched on?

In many cases leaves can cause smoke to blow through the defrost of a 1990 Ford F 150

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2000 Ford Windstar Why does my back heater not blow at all?

The blower on the back heater may need to be replaced on the 2000 Ford Winstar.