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monitors can only handle a certain refresh rate. the monitors cababilities will be in the handbook.

2005-02-19 07:44:18
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How do you disable monitor screen flickering?

Disable it? You can't enable or disable it. Screens usually flicker because the refresh rate is too high and the monitor can't perform at the resolution and refresh rate you want. This can cause flicker. How do you disable it? You don't. Lower the refresh rate or your resolution. You can also buy a monitor that supports higher resolutions and refresh rates.

Is it better to have a higher or lower refresh rate for you computer?

i think higher refresh rates good for your eyes. personnaly i used more than 85hz

Why does a CRT monitor flicker when shot with a digital camera where as LCD monitor doesn't?

It has to do with the refresh rate. CRTS refesh the screen at a lower rate than LCDS. Although it is possible to raise the refresh rate to a maximum of 75 HZ a second or 75 images a second the digital recorder will record at higher than this so we see the refresh occuring.

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Is it better to have a higher or lower hz rating on your tv?

The higher the Hz on your TV, the more fluid the pictures will seem to your eye. In general, a higher refresh (Hz) rate is better, but you might not be able to tell much, or any difference depending on what you're watching.

What to do about flashes on my computer?

If you are epileptic try taking a break every 10 -15mins because of the rate computers flash per second. You can check how many time it flashes by the mod code. There are 'screens' that show less of how many times computers flash a second. Older CRT monitors with low refresh rates (lower than 60Hz) can be prone to flickering. You may be able to increase the refresh rate of your monitor by changing the settings on your operating system. If your CRT monitor does not support a refresh rate higher than 59Hz, you may want to consider switching to a LCD monitor which are much less prone to flickering. For a LCD monitor, some people may notice flicker on certain monitors while most other people would not. This can be hit and miss. If you experience this problem, try going to a store and testing out display LCD monitors for flicker.

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