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Dont really have a valid answer but my guess is - sometimes people do anything possible to bring the other person down to the level they are at as far as feelings are concerned. In other words, you hurt me so i am gonna hurt you back. I feel yuck so i will do something to make you feel terrible to. That type of thing.

People do things for different reasons, sometimes i try to remember - its the bully that's hurting the worse. Those are the people that are usually most disconnected within themselves. Those people make me sad - after i get over being mad of course! Just something to remember when you move on with life and must let go of things this person has done and is still doing. No matter what, love them anyway and move on with your life - it will all pass soon enough.

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Q: Why does your abuser spread lies and rumours about you now that you are spilt up and have no contact?
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