Why does your boyfriend always look at other girls when you go out and you're the best looking of his last few girlfriends so why does he do it?

No. don't get used to it.. its not right.. its so wrong.. and it hurts.. its like eye cheating and its sickening.. you don't really wanna be walking around with some pathetic loser looking at other girls bums right? its horrible.. my boyfriend does it and i have pretty much broken up with him over it.. i dunno why they do it.. but its so so so wrong! and gross!


it's in their nature, i wouldn't worry about it.....my boyfriend does the same thing and it pisses me off to, but u should just get used to it. if he doesn't do it when your around he'll do it when ur not.


Okay, I'm a guy, and seriously, it doesn't mean anything. Its just instinct to look. It doesnt mean we want them, we're just observing. Its not somethign we could control even if we wanted to - your head has already swiveled before you've thought about it. There is a difference between glancing and staring of course. My girlfriend is a goddess to me, and I adore every thing about her, and when we go out, there is almost never anyone who compares, but I still look, and it doesnt mean that I love her or want her any less.

He needs to keep himself knowing he's a "man" whether he's happy with you or not. But he may not be happy, maybe he feels trapped. Many people in our generation has this issue.