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One ,or maybe both ,of two reasons! One; his own insecurity problems. He thinks if your with him you'll go with anyone! Two; his own infidelty problems.He cheats and thinks you will or do too! This is a problem that need to stopped before it gets out of control. Try talking about it ,together, ask him why he acts as he does. If he avoids these two reasons with "..because I love you!" seek pro help. The mind is a wonderful but dangerous thing.

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Q: Why does your boyfriend become jealous when you talk to other men?
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Why do girls talk to other guys when they have a boyfriend?

Because they secretly enjoy the jealous reaction it arouses.

Why does My boyfriend get jealous when I talk to guys when he can talk to girls?

Because they are protective like that!

Why is my boyfriend so jealous?

Have you been frequent with other guys, is there something you are hiding from him. To find out the reason talk to him and ask him.

You love a girl but she has boyfriend and always talk about him?

Make efforts to become better than her boyfriend, and she will talk about you to her ex-boyfriend.

What do you do if your friend is jealous of your boyfriend?

Just don't talk about your boy friend around that person

Boyfriend becomes jealous with your guys friends?

This just means that he really likes you, and is jealous. Just talk to him and tell him that these other guys are JUST friends, and that no one can replace him as your boyfriend (if you mean it of course). It's good to have a trusting relationship where you can tell him everything. Maybe don't hang out with these other guys so much and start spending more time with your boyfriend. But, always make time for family too.

How do you know if your boyfriend gets jealous when you talk to other boys?

I think that when your boyfriend is jealous of your guy friends he will start to be around you more and when your guys friends come around he will completely ignore them and try keeping you all to himself. Another way is when he sees your guys friends talking to you or hugging you he gets mad.

Is it right to talk about your ex-boyfriend with your new boyfriend?

no because he might get jealous, and yes because he knows you are more than confident enough to express how you feel

My Boyfriend is jealous of My friends who are boys. Im friends with some boys who are also friends with my boyfriend but everytime i talk to them or im friendly he gets upset or angry. what can i do?

tell him that if he cant handle you being around other boys then that's it!

What would happen if you talk to a girl that has a boyfriend?

It depends on your intentions and whether you want to be friends with her or you love her and it greatly depends on the characteristics of the boyfriend. Some boyfriends may not mind their girlfriend talking to other young men or even having a male friend while other boyfriends may become jealous and decide to physically injure the other young man that is interested in his girlfriend.

How does a guy act when he likes a girl who has a boyfriend?

He is probably bashing on the boyfriend and doesn't like him. He always wants to show off in front of the other guy or you. He tells you that you deserve better. He flirts with you and is constantly texting or talking to you. He gets jealous when you talk about your boyfriend. Or you can just ask him if he likes you.

Your boyfriend is very jealous should you break up with him?

i think you should talk to him about it and stay with for a few more weeks ,and if he is still jealous break up with him because he cant deal with the fact that you have a good relationship with a nother person.but its not a boyfriend girlfriend relationship.

How can you control being jealous of your boyfriends friendship with your brother?

its normal to be a bit jealous, But not overly. Try to be reasonable. If you think the boyfriend prefers to hang with his guy Friend ( your brother) more than you, then have a talk with your boyfriend, but he calm and keep a nice tone of voice.

How can i control my jealousy so that my boyfriend doesn't dump me?

Use a stress ball to squeeze once you get jealous or just talk to him about it.

How do you tell if your boyfriend is just jealous or controlling?

Usually jealous turns into controlling. It is very tricky so I would watch it if I were you. However, to answer you're question more directly: If your boyfriend is taking action on the jealousy by trying to control what you do, who you talk to etc., then he is being controlling.

Your best friend and your boyfriend have become good friends and it makes you jealous How do you deal with your jealousy without losing them?

You need to be more secure in your relationship with your boyfriend and more trusting of your friend. If you find that it seems more than what it should be then you should step in and sit down and talk with both of them.

How do you make your boyfriend in fifth grade jealous?

Well, at that age, guys get jealous if you talk/show affection for other guys. For example, hold a conversation with another male in their view and show great enthusiasm for the topic at hand, possibly working in a hug if the opportunity arises.

Why guys get soo jealous but expect their girl not to get jealous of other girls they talk to and flirt with?

Girls try to make guys jealous to get more affection and attention from a guy.

Should you be threatened by your boyfriend's new female friend?

Not really because there always going to try to make you mad and jealous but if you an your ex talk to each other that mean he still love you and want you....................

You made your boyfriend jealous and he broke up with you and he now has a girlfriend you have never met what should you do to get him back?

Talk to him about how you feel, and if he still goes out with the other girl, I'm sure you can find someone else

What do you do when a friend is jealous?

here is what i would do. First, don't talk about something similar to why he/she is jealous. then only talk about them. they never want to her about you when they are jealous

My mums boyfriend is constantly jealous of anything i do or get - what should i do?

talk to your mom and tell her how uncomfortable it makes you. and try to spend less time with him.

If you see you see your best friend that is a girl and you get jealous because she is kissing her boyfriend what do you do?

Talk to her about it. Be open! COME OUT OF THE CLOSET hahahah but if you refuse, try to not hang around her and her boyfriend when they're together.

How can you tell if a guy is jealous?

If he loses his temper whenever you talk to other guys.

Can boys get jealous of girls?

Totally, if your boyfriend is getting way jealous of everyone you know or talk to, he might actually be controlling you which can lead to emotional and even physical abuse. Get out of that relationship right now! yup

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