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R-E-S-P-E-C-T Because he is your BF right, you should treat him with respect and respect his opinions.

Because he is insecure in his ego. He is actually wrong in this case. That type of respect is to be earned, not demanded unearned.

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Q: Why does your boyfriend feel that you should respect him more than anyone else?
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Will your boyfriend like it if you wear a see through shirt?

He may like it, but he won't respect you and neither will anyone else.

How should your boyfriend behave when you are together with his friend girl?

Just like he does with anyone else, or he isn't really a good boyfriend!

How can you get every guy in school to want to be your boyfriend?

If your easy enough it will happen, but how many does one really need. You should respect yourself more than that. If you don't, you can hardly expect anyone else to.

Should you be worried if your boyfriend vacations with an old girlfriend?

if they are going by themselves YES! especailly if she is not dating anyone else... if he is going with her and her boyfriend then probably not...

What do you do when your boyfriend acts like he dont want you but doesnt want anyone else to have you?

tell him that if he really wants you that he should show it or else your going to leave him for someone else

Boyfriend but you also like someone else what should you do?

i have a boyfriend but like someone else whai should i do

Should your boyfriend protect you?

If he loves you then he should feel obligated to protect anyone he loves from any danger at all- be it zombies or anything else!

Your friend is lesbian what do you do?

Respect who they are and treat them just as you would anyone else.

How can you tell if your boyfriend is really good for you?

your boyfriend should care about you.he shouls show his feelings towards you and show every one else how much he cares about you.he would hold your hand.hug you and take you by surprise.he should respect you,your friends,and your family.

If everyone thinks your girl is a freak and you really like her what do you do?

You should just follow your own feelings. It shouldn't matter what anyone else thinks of her as long as she makes you happy. Just tell everyone to respect your feelings.AnswerYou should just follow your own feelings. It shouldn't matter what anyone else thinks of her as long as she makes you happy. Just tell everyone to respect your feelings.

How do you get a girl to stop talking to your boyfriend?

Talking should pose no problems ... dating is another issue. Anyone should be able to talk to anyone else they so choose. Seems one party is being extremely jealous.

What is a good secret you can tell your boyfriend?

A secret you trust only HIM with. Answer A secret just between the two of you that has no relevance to anyone else, should he choose to share it.

How do you get your boyfriend to not get angry when you are not in the mood for sex?

If your boyfriend loves and respects you he should understand that you're not always going to be in the mood. Don't let him pressure you. If you feel comfortable doing something else, like giving him a handjob, do, but otherwise tell him another time and he should respect that.

What should you not do around your boyfriend?

Cheat on him with someone else.

How do you get rid of your crush's boyfriend?

just like you get rid of anyone else... you use a gun

What does it mean when you have a dream about your boyfriend kissing his friend?

it probably means, that you aren't comfortable with your boyfriend being or hanging out with anyone else but yourself.

If you are 8 years old should you have a boyfriend?

yes love is for all ages like me and everyone else. im in love with a boy but don't tell anyone

How do you treat rabbis in 2010?

You treat rabbis with the same respect you'd treat anyone else.

Should you break up with your boyfriend for someone else?


What does it mean when a couple goes steady?

they dont date anyone else and are officially boyfriend and girlfriend

Why does my ex boyfriend care what i do?

He may still care. Maybe he doesn't want you to date anyone else, it may be that he doesn't want to see you with anyone else or see anything happen.

What does it mean when your boyfriend calls you fat and ugly?

Female's View: It means you should ditch him and find someone else who will respect you. Male's View: It means you're a lucky girl for even having a boyfriend- an honest boyfriend who loves you so much that he doesn't care that you're fat and ugly.

What do you think is the reason for the lack respect for Native American in our society?

Their color/ they were there before anyone else in America

At the age of 12 can you kiss your boyfriend?

Of course you can. Should you? In my opinion you're too young for a a boyfriend even though everyone is doing it right now. This should just be a time of having tons and tons of friends, because if you have a boyfriend you isolate yourself from everyone else and you don't meet anyone else and I'm pretty sure you're not gonna marry your boyfriend. So just know people and when you're old you can decide who treated you right.

If your 12 how old should your boyfriend be?

If your 12 and you want a boyfriend he should be int the same grade or else it get complicated. So your boyfriend should most likely be the same age as you or in the same area of that age:)