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He's ego-tripping and you need to pull the reins in on this guy. It's really impolite and a slap in your face that he does this. He is playing games and you need to set him straight that you don't play games and if he continues this bad behavior in front of you he can keep going! Nip it in the bud. He should be paying attention to you! Good luck

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What does it mean when your boyfriend tickles you?

It means he loves to play with you and see you smile and hear you laugh. My boyfriend does that to me all the time. :)

Why do people laugh or smile?

People laugh or smile because they are happy.

How can you make a boyfriend?

look it up online, but smile and laugh. NO MAKE UP AND SHORT SKIRTS AND PUSH UPS!

What can you do to get a boyfriend?

Fix your hair and makeup, have good hygeine, smile and laugh a lot, don't be scared to ask guys out yourself.

What to do when your boyfriend is talking about your ex relationship?

There is nothing that you really can do. All you can do is put on a smile and laugh at whatever is said. Best of luck!

What is the Italian word for 'laugh'?

to laugh: ridere to smile: sorridere

Tear is to sorrow as smile is to?


What are some other words for the word smile?

grin smirk laugh beam

What should you do if you are 25 years old and your boyfriend is 19 should you continue your relationship?

if you make each other happy and you have a smile on your face whenever you see them. make them laugh. then yeah i say you stay with each other

How do you get a boyfriend that all ready got a girlfriend?

make him break up with her and flirt with him.... boys like when you laugh and smile... dont be emotionless

What is the synonym of laugh?


How do you be happy what can you do?

smile or laugh

What is a four letter word for laugh?

smile laugh giggle

Do people smile and laugh and crack jokes a lot in order to avoid other?


How do you say you make me smile in Samoan?

e te fa'aata taita - you make me laugh/smile e te fa'aata taita? - Are you making me laugh/smile?

Why do girls want justin bieber to be their boyfriend?

He Said he likes girls has got beautiful smile... make him laugh happy, personality and talktive :).

Is it okay for your boyfriend to smile at other girls?

He can look but he CANNOT touch. A smile is fine, but flirting is not. So he should not smile and then start a flirty conversation.

How do you make a guy you like laugh or smile?

you make a guy laugh or smile that you like by making a joke or basically being funny

How do you get your ex boyfriend to text you?

got to be very good friends and make him smile....and laugh.... cause then he would be happy when he's with you and would want to text you. ;)

How do you know if your boyfriend is the right one for you?

you know if he makes you smile when you see him and if you always want to be with him, if he makes you laugh but you can be serious with him, you should know him for at leats a year.

How can you let your parents allow you to have a boyfriend?

You can start out with telling parents about how much he makes you smile, laugh etc., and tell them that you want a chance to feel happiness.

How do you call smile in German?

Smile is lächeln...not to be confused with "lachen" which means to laugh.

Why do you love this person?

because he or she makes you laugh and smile.... you feel that its right in your heart and not what other people think.

What does laughter means?

to laugh or just smile \

How do you say smile in latin?

Ridere To laugh ==

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