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Because men are pigs, and they don't like your parents, so they don't want you to either to make them feel better about it.

AnswerThere are a number of reasons that this could be and most of which no-one on here will be able to tell you because they don't know your situation. However to me, you need to think to yourself why you are letting him tell you how to act towards two people that you've known longer than him. You are more likely to know how to act towards your parents rather than your boyfriend.Think about what hes asking you to do. If this is not you why are you doing it? Will your boyfriend stay with you if you don't? If yes then theres no reason to do it. If no then why are you still with him? If he would leave you over something so little then its not worth moving in with him.Either way you shouldn't change who you are or be manipulated to do something that you don't want to do. Just cope with your parents in the way you see is best after all that is who you are.Good luckAnitaxxxxx
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Q: Why does your boyfriend whom you're supposed to move in with in September try and force you to be an aggressive person toward your living situation with your parents when you are not?
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