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Q: Why does your butt turn red after a spanking?
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What does is a person called when it slaps people in the butt?


Why does your butt get red while getting a bare bottom spanking?

i think that its because wean your butt getting smacked it leaves marks on your butt and wean your mom or dad keeps on doing it your marks are getting redder

Where can i get a hard spanking?

You usally get spanked on your butt, or on your bare bottom.

Spanking hurt on the bare butt?

Depends on how hard the spanking is and with what you get spanked. Paddle hurts more than hand, cane hurts more than paddle.

What is the meaning of bare butt spanking?

It is a spanking in which the spankee has no underpants or pants on to protect the buttocks. It hurts more than being spanked with pants on and is commonly experienced as an embarrassing event.

If you scratch your but what will happen?

You will get addicted and your butt will turn red. you might even get scabs if you scratch it too much.

How do you give a child a bare butt spanking?

Put the child (boy) over the knee, pants pulled down and then spanking with hand.

Does spanking firm and tone your butt?

To an extent. A spanking, especially a thorough spanking applied on the bare buttocks or on a thin undergarment usually leaves the buttocks firm, in that the buttocks, in response to the pain, inadvertently clenches during and/or after the spanking. Also, a thorough spanking can be equivalent to that of running a mile or more. Regular, severe, controlled spankings can - although with other side effects, which may or may not be desired - encourage overall wellness and fitness. Depending on what the spankee (the one receiving the spanking) wears during the spanking and how the spanker (the one giving the spanking) administers the spanking, the spankee and spanker will often result in sweating at the end of the spanking. The implement, length, and severity of the spanking will shape the results of such "exercise."

How do you spank?

getting spanked is easy. if you want your boyfriend to spank you then wear something super super short showing your butt, then get over his lap and tell him how you fantasize about him to making your butt red hot.

What does smack your butt means?

smack that means to smack your butt!

Does silver like shadow?

actually they both HATE each other there is also some random fan art pointing to this conclusion. such as one made by "megashadowfan12" it is a picture of shadow giving silver a good old spanking (silvers butt is red!) lol

What kind of bruise do you get from a spanking?

It's called a red bruise. those are the most intense