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Clogged fuel filter or bad fuel pump.


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Your fuel pump in not working properly (pressure below standard), or the timing needs to be checked or your turning the key off every time....

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Cranking the engine over to get it to start takes some power. To put that power back, you need to let the engine run for awhile. If your engine needs more than average cranking before firing up,and you only run it short periods, then you'll slowly drain the battery. Or maybe your battery isn't getting charged as it should.

My 2005 Honda Forman rancher ATV dies unable to start or shift back to neutral when checking battery still says it is fully charged. Could it be a regulator problem?

i can start the car, and it runs for a few meters, dies out like im giving it no gas. then it will not restart. after sitting about 10 minutes or so, it will start again and is drivable for a few more meters, then dies again to have the whole process rinse and repeat itself . it also makes a loud rattling noise like the valves are rattleing and then loses all horsepower then dies. once its started back up it sounds like the lifters are tapping, and just gets louder until the car dies again. it will not idle on its own.

ours does that too, fuel pump wiring apparenty is faulty. sometimes fuse blows, sometimes just dies. check wire from tank back to relay. good luck

2003 dodge neon that will start but will not stay running and dies after it starts?

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