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worn out muffler bearing

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Q: Why does your car have black oil come out of your muffler?
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What cause white smoke and strong smell of gas to come out the muffler?

your car is burning oil.

What makes oil come out muffler on 2cycle weed eater?

You have to much oil in your fuel/oil mix

Why does oil come out of your ATV muffler?

Is it a 2 stroke motor? If it is that's normal

Where is the transmission pressure switch located on a 2003 Saturn Vue?

My 2002 Saturn was out of oil, oil was replaced but when I cranked it and drove it black smoke came out of the muffler and a fan keeps running after the car is turned offf. Do I have a major proplem

Picture of Mazda 626 lx engine oil filter location?

Question please. I had just got my oil chaged on the weekend. and now my car sounds like my muffler came off. just wondering if it could have come lose, or ????

What causes oil to come out of your lawn mowers muffler?

The problem I had was oil and gas flowed out the muffler on my snapper 11 hp lawn tractor. To fix it I had to drain the oil and get a new plug. The issue that caused it was I needed a shut off valve in the gas line to stop the gas frome running back into the engine and eventually getting into the oil causing it to gush out the muffler with a lot of smoke. It is an easy fix and it now runs as smooth as new. I hope this helps you

Your car seems to be leaking but you dont know if its oil or water but you think it's water because it has no color the leak is coming from the back of the car on the bottom away from the muffler?

You can tell for sure if its water or oil be dropping a bit in a glass of water if it desolves it water oil wont

How can I change the muffler or exhaust in a Chevy Venture?

To change the muffler or exhaust in a Chevy Venture, jack up the vehicle and locate the muffler. Spray penetrating oil on the nuts and loosen muffler clamps. Replace with new.

Can noise come from missing oil in car engine?

How much oil is "missing"?

What causes oil out of your vehicles muffler?

make sure its actually oil and not a mixture of condensation and black carbon..does it feel oily or more watery? oil would usually get burned and cause a light blue colored smoke out the tailpipe

Why does white smoke come out of your muffler?

AnswerOne potential cause is too much gas. It may be running "rich". Your car may also be burning a little oil. White smoke is usually water or antifreeze. If you are loosing coolant from the radiator, it's probably a blown head gasket. If not, it is just condensation in the exhaust pipe that is evaporating as the pipes heat up. If the car is running too rich, the unburned gas will cause black smoke and burning oil smoke will be blue.

Can a hole in the muffler cause a car to smoke?

Just having a hole in the muffler won't cause smoke to form. Any smoke coming from an engine is caused by either environment changes (white smoke while engine is warming up), or an engine burning oil (blue smoke). Sometimes even a bad catalytic converter can cause smoke. The hole in the muffler simply gives the smoke a way out. Trying looking for external oil leaks or checking he oil level occasionally to see if it is burning oil. You may see water vapor is there is a hole in the muffler but it wouldn't last long once the muffler warms up and the moisture is burned off. She shouldn't see actual smoke unless there is a problem with the engine.

My 1999 dodge Dakota engine makes a vibrating noise at 3000 rpm when driving and stooped?

your car is making that noise because your muffler needs oil and fume

Why is Lawn boy blowing gas and oil out the muffler?

You have too much oil in your gas, that's why oil and gas is coming out your exhaust.

Why does your oil light come on seconds after start up?

The oil light will always come on for just a second after a car is started. If the oil light stays on, the oil could be low or need to be changed.

Can a car with white smoke coming from muffler pass an emisssions test?

NO!! White smoke indicates the burning of oil. The law says, "ANY smoke coming from the engine during any part of the test is grounds for failure." I've been an Emissions guy in Denver for 23 years. White smoke is oil. Black is gas (too rich). Black smoke can get pricey. White smoke is always pricey!!

No oil in car oil light did not come on engine light did though?

If it was run without oil, the engine is most likely toast.

What would cause water condensation to come from the muffler when the vehible is not losing coolant or overheating and there is no water in the oil?

is there any formation of aquaregia inside a vehicle muffler..? any answers..!! I assume you mean from the tail pipe. Water is a bi-product of combustion & is expelled with the exhaust. -LubeExpert

Your Pontiac Sunbird is losing oil and expelling smoke by the muffler?

The most common reason for your Pontiac to lose oil and ex smoke from the muffler is a broken piston ring. A malfunctioning exhaust valve can also cause the problem.

Why is my Baja warrior 196cc homelite blowing oil out of exhaust?

it may be that iol got into yur muffler an it is stuck i there... tis actually ju happened to me a day ago... u probably just have to taoff yor muffler and le it sit overnight with the screened exit facing down...the oil will come out and your mini bike should work fine...

Why is my car blowing black an blue smoke and no power?

your car leaked oil into the combustion chamber. blue smoke= burnt oil, the loss of power is from inproper combustion

Will the check engine light come on with no oil in the car?

No, the check engine light has nothing to do with the oil level in the vehicle. The check engine light will come on when there is a problem with the emission system. The red oil warning light will come on if your vehicle is low on oil.

Is car oil transparent?

Nope, it's a deep,solid black -------------ooooooooooo--------------- When car oil is new it is translucent and can be green, yellow or pale brown, depending on type and additives. The older and more used it is, the darker it is. An engine that has black oil that smells burnt should be avoided

Oil in muffler on lawn mower?

If it is a 2-stroke engine, the oil/gas mixture has too much oil. If it is a 4-stroke engine, the oil sump is overfull.

What does oil around the muffler mean?

Your engines blown! 0.0 oh dear. You engine is burning oil. Not good. Get her to a shop.