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Why does your car have to sometimes be put into neutral to start?


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2008-05-10 15:57:45
2008-05-10 15:57:45

THe transmission selector is worn, so the need to start it in the neutral position, which still has a workable contact switch, while the park position is worn out. like the other guy said, also you might have to adjust your shift linkage


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You don't have to be able to start a car to put it into neutral. Put the key in, turn it to on, then the shifter will be unlocked and you can move it to neutral.

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we have to put the gear to neutral and apply brakes, and start the car.

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went i slow down and i come to a stop the car start shake and went put it in neutral it ok went iput it back to drive it ok with out moving

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1) Get into car 2) Put keys in ignition 3) Turn to "on" position 4) Apply Brake 5) Shift into neutral 6) Start the car

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