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Why does your car not have power?

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How do the car lights get power?

Car lights get power from the batterie in the car, or in some cars oil gives car lights power.

How does a car get power?

A car gets its power from the engine, or the motor.

What is a car battery used for?

To power a car ================================================================ you're ALMOST correct. Car Batteries are used to start and maintain the power of a car.

Who have more power and lighter in weight GT1 car or F1 car?

F1 car has more power and it is lighter than GT1 car

Gasoline can power a car because the fuel has what kind of energy?

Internal combustion reactions power the car. The gasoline ignites, and the spark creates the power for the car.

Why does a car lose power?

runs out of petral,but that's power for a car so yes

What mechanism is used to power a solar car?

mechanism is used to power a solar car?

Is it possible to power a car using electromagnetics?

It is possible to power a car using electromagnetics. The power from an electromagnetic field allows recharging or powering of any device including a car.

Would a self-service car wash have a power washer in it?

Yes, most car washes have power washes in them, that is how they get your car clean fast. Some car washes are by hand by the employees but most that you drive through have power washers.

Can the brain power a car?


How does a fuel cell power a car?

it squirts hydrogen throgh a fuel cell to make electricity to power the car

What are the advantages of a car salesman?

white power white power

How do you power added lights on a car?

With a battery or solar power!

What is a car audio power cell?

A car audio power cell would be as follows such as xs power batterys and optimas are made for more current draw

Car shakes and loses power when idling?

If a car shakes and loses power when idling it can be the spark plug. If a spark plug is fouling, it can cause power losses.

Is power a force?

No. I may have the power to lift a heavy weight but until I do it does not become a power by force. Power is the result of some action. A racing car has the power to do 250 kl per hr, but until I start the engine, put the car in gear and move off showing just what power the car has. So power is the result of some other action.

How much solar power does it take to power a car?

The car will need whatever power it needs, wherever that power is coming from. A more sensible question would be how big area of solar cells and/or how many hours of sunlight a car would use up.

More power from a car?

to get more power out of a car u need to eather get a better camshaft or different and better heads .

What does a engine do in car?

Generates Power by burning fuel. This Power is then utilised to move Car at different speeds by Mechanical Gears.

What is torque of an car engine?

the bottom part of the car is it A: Torque is grunt, the pulling power of the engine, measured in Horse power.

Does the Legacy Car Audio LW1549 have a passive power type?

No, the cy Car Audio LW1549 has a progressive power type.

What does a solar car look like?

like a solar power car

What do gears do on a car?

The gears on a car provide the power to drive the wheels.

Car loss of power while driving?

Car needs service

What is the maximum power a person can get out of a car speaker?

The maximum power that can be pumped out of a car speaker is dependent on the type of car speaker. Depending on the users definition of power, speakers can pump out at max anywhere from 70-100 decibels.