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Check the air idle control (AIC) valve...It can be cleaned with a throttle body cleaner. Maybe the fuel filter. The shaking could be a motor mount.

AnswerAlso bad fuel. Buy gas at a good station not the cheapest station. Put some fuel conditioner in the tank. AnswerTorque converter (part of the transmission).. its a common problem. Get it checked out.. AnswerIve worked with a mechanic that did this once. The car he drove would stall at complete stops sometimes. scan the computer for trouble codes. Check the MAF(Mass Air Flow) sensor. It is located on the throttle body, usually right after the air filter. Most of the time it is flat shaped and just screws into the throttle body. Unplug the electrical connector from it. Unscrew the sensor, clean the inside of the sensor with rubbing alcohol, get any dirt you see out. be careful no to break the little metal pieces inside. screw it back in place and reconnect the electric connector and give it a test drive. If that doesnt work, replace the sensor.

It could even be a "throttle position sensor" I've had a couple of them go on me in the past , they would Scream! the RPM gauge up to 3000 to 4000 and only feel like driving 30 mph is about the fastest I could go, but when I came to a Stop the engine would Die out, had start it up again it would Scream! like a transmission was working too hard! , it would shake and everything later I hooked up my "CODE SCANNER" showed the "Throttle position sensor" was bad I replaced it for $100 at advance auto part store, that was a "throttle position sensor" for a Jeep Cherokee 1998 , they are all priced different for different car makes and models to price might be different for your car, also if you plan on doing alot of "home mechanical" repairs you should Invest in to an "obd2 code-scanners" they are well worth their money you'll be glad you go one, there are cheap ones "flash scanners" and there are "on screen code scanners" that what i have they cost anywhere from $100-$300

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Q: Why does your car shake and turn off only when you come to a complete stop?
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Several things can cause your car to stall and shake when you stop. Replacing the spark plugs and spark plug wires may cure the problem.

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