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Why does your car turn on with out the pedal down?

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What car, what pedal? Because you turned the ignition on and started the engine. Now if you are asking why and how a car can start without pressing the accelerator? It is because that todays cars are fuel injected and computer controlled. The computer handles the air/fuel mixture at startup. It enriches the mixture at startup and then after the engine is warm, leans the mixture to the proper setting. if you've got a manual tranny its because there is an ignition button that is prolly stuck down. Located where the clutch meets the floor.

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If you have a jammed gas pedal tap it until it comes loose?

If you have a jammed gas pedal, rather than tapping it until it comes loose, try shifting the car into neutral. Slow down and guide the car to a safe place to stop and then turn off the car.

Examples in the law of acceleration?

· When you are in a car and push down the pedal, the car will accelerate.

What causes cars to move and stop?

A car will move when the gas pedal is engaged. You can control the speed of the car by the pressure you put on the gas pedal. The brake pedal will either slow the car down or stop the car entirely.

How is a guitars volume changed?

A.) Turn the volume nobB.) Turn down the volume pedal if you are using one C.) Turn down the volume on the amplifier

Why does your car turn off when you push on your brakes?

because you did not step on your clutch pedal

Why would your car feel like it is going to turn off when you kick down the gas pedal?

If it hesitates when you floor it and, if the car has over 50K miles, my bet is that the fuel filter is clogged up.

What would cause the car to jolt forward when slowing down?

Letting go of the pedal or pushing the gas pedal.

Why does the brake pedal seem very soft even though brakes work?

asuming the brakes are fine. what we have is servo assistance all cars have brake servo's these unit's aid the driver to operate the brakes because with out servo assistance you could not stop the car on your own. how ever if you must check your brakes turn the car off now pump the brake pedal after 3 or 4 maybe 5 pumps of the pedal it should become solid if it not then get them looked at. but lets say they are now with the pedal feeling solid hold the pedal down as hard as you can now start the car now as you start the car the pedal should go down pretty much all the way down this is the servo kicking in which is great but if the pedal does not go down the servo needs looking at. and this goes for all cars .

Car stalls when accelerating?

when kick down the gas pedal to accelerate, the car downshift but then stalls and then engine stays rough until i turn off the engine and restart it then the engine runs normal again till the next kick down.

When starting an automatic car do you need to press down a bit on the gas pedal. My dad says you have to i say you dont. He said it was something to do with the choke?

When You Drive A Old Skool Car With A Carb You press down the pedal for cold starts but when car is warmed up you don't always have to press down the pedal Sometimes you need to press it down in the morning becoause of the condensation. //////on a car with a carburetor you need to press the gas pedal when starting cold to engage the choke and also the fast idle cam

What pedal in the car is pushed to make the car go faster?

The pedal in the car you push to go faster is the accelerator pedal.

Why won't tail lights turn off when I turn my car off 1996 acura tl?

The most likely cause of this is a mis-adjusted, broken or malfunctioning brake light switch. It could also be something holding the brake pedal down just a little bit (adding an aftermarket pedal will do this).

How do you rev your engine?

I guess you turn on you car, leave it in neutral, and push on the gas pedal repeatedly.

Chrysler town and country 2008 reset oil change warning?

Turn the ignition on (don't start car) press gas pedal all the way down and release 3 times then turn key off.

How do you turn off oil change warning on 2009 Town Country?

turn the key to the "on" position, do not start the car and tap the gas pedal 3 consecutive times. After that is complete turn the car off and then turn it on again.

How or could you turn over an engine on a geo tracker manually?

If the tracker is a "standard shift" not automatic transmission. You could pop start the engine by putting the car in 1st gear, with the clutch pedal down and the ignition on. Roll the car and once car is rolling release clutch pedal. Vehicle should start, hope this is what you ment by "manually".

What is the use of a crutch on manual car?

Hi, i guess you were meaning "clutch". The clutch pedal in a manual car is situated on the left-side of the break pedal. It is pressed down when shifting gears.

How do you reset the change oil light on a 2004 grand am?

To reset the light, turn your ignition to on, then press the gas pedal 3 times, then start the car. To reset the light, turn your ignition to on, then press the gas pedal 4 times then you will hear a beep, then start the car.

How do you turn the lights on high in a 1993 cutlass SUPREME?

Put the car in drive, unbuckle, and floor the gas pedal. The lights will turn on as needed.

What can I do if i can not remove my keys from my 2004 Volvo S40?

Our car is S40 with automatic transmission. Put car in "park". Start engine. Put foot hard down on brake pedal. Turn engine off with the brake still hard on. In our car, the key came out easily.

How do you reset oil change on dodge caliber?

Turn key to on position depress the acceleration pedal slowly three times then turn car off...

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