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Cats are nocternal and sleep most of the day and race around at night. Usually your pet will play during the day and then have a nap. They feel loved and confident so when you come over to them and speak to them they know more of what you're saying than humans give them credit for. They know you love them and it's their way of showing affection. My cat talks back to me by chirping, rubbing against my arm or leg and rolling her eyes and yes, I get the occasion yawn.


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Of coarse he does! Somwhow, He hears and sees every single person in the world at the same time. Although, 99% of the time he wont say "Hi!" Back.

Dogs bark every time it sees you because they are your dog. They have a connection with you.

the first time Bella hears edward's voice is when she is in Port Angeles with Jessica.

Its probably sleeping or it hears something or sees something strange. Especially when they are hunting.

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Talk in a squeaky voice and like he is a baby. Works every time.

just sing to somebody strange you know you have a golden voice if you have to spit up bling every time you talk

It's about a guy that has been screwed over by his ex. He's now made it big while she's still working a dead end day to day job and he wants it to give her hell every time she sees him on TV or hears his song.

He has said that Labyrinth (1986) is his all time favorite, but every time he sees a movie it becomes his favorite!He doesnt have a favorite movie! He has said many times that when he sees a new movie it becomes his favorite until the next new movie he sees and so on.

there are special microphones which are designed to blast your voice at an appropriate time so that when the sound reaches the audience it has 'cancelled' each other out and the audience hears nothing

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