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The most common cause would be that the brake pedal is activating the cruise release switch. That could be because your brake pedal is low because of low fluid, or worn brakes. The switch could also just need to be readjusted because of break pedal and linkage wear.

For the cruise to engage and stay on the brake pedal must continuously contactthe switch to hold it closed. Look around the break pedal an you will see two switches that are activsted by the brake pedal. Hold the pedal down and activate the switches with you finger while some one observes the brake lights. Pushing one switch will turn off the brake lights pushing the other will deactivate the cruise. Adjust the cruise switch position.

If the switch position is not the problem then there could be an intermitant short or bad connection in the wiring to the switch.

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AnswerMost of the Cruise Controls run off of vacuum. Follow the cable from the throttle to the Cruise Control actuator then follow the vacuum line from the Cruise Control actuator and make sure it doesn't have a leak in it.


Follow the hose from the cruise servo to the three way vac. connector. They turn grey and fall a part and leak as that should be the source of your leak.

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Q: Why does your cruise just stop working while driving down the highway the vehicle just starts to slow down so you have to reset the cruise this is a 1995 Buick LeSabre It has 140000 miles on it?
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