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i checked my fuses, and one was blown. so i replaced it, and shortly after pulling the knob that too popped. i ran inside to get a larger one, and had to jump start the Jeep. i did that, and the larger fuse is alright, but the light still doesnt turn on. where are the bulbs? Check your fuses and check your ground for your radio. You could have blown the bulb by touching some of the wires together when installing the radio.

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What year Jeep Cherokee computer fits a 1991 Jeep Cherokee?

A 1991 Jeep Cherokee computer is what fits a 1991 Jeep Cherokee.

What fuse controls the radio on a 1991 Jeep Cherokee Sport?

Turn on the radio and start pulling fuses. When the radio stops working, that is the fuse. Try the cigarette lighter fuse first.

How do you remove a 1991 Cherokee radio?

There is a trim piece around the radio that also goes around the other parts of the dash. This just pops loose. After that is loose, it should be obvious how to get the radio out. Have fun!

How can you repair the dimming dashboard and radio lights on an '96 Cherokee?

Typically this is a failure of the headlight switch assembly. See the question about how to replace the headlight switch in a 1991 Cherokee for the answer of how to accomplish.

How do you reset the maintenance required light on a 1991 Jeep Cherokee Laredo?

Unplug or replace maint. timer

What are the ratings and certificates for Cherokee - 1991?

Cherokee - 1991 is rated/received certificates of: USA:G

Will a 1993 Cherokee motor work in a 1991 Cherokee?


Where do I hook up the orange wire when installing an aftermarket radio in a 1991 dodge Dakota?

that wire is for the radio dimmer. when you turn on your headlights the radio dims so your not blinded at night. Some aftermarket stereos have a place to hook this wire up and some don't.

Will parts from a 1991 Cherokee work for a 1999 Cherokee?

Most parts from a 1996 and earlier Cherokees will fit a 1991. The Cherokee changed style and designs in 1997, so few 1999 parts will fit a 1991.

Why won't brake lights on 1991 Jeep Cherokee Laredo work?

try unscrewing the back light covers and replacing the lights

Will a AW4 trans from a 1991 Jeep Cherokee fit a 1988 Jeep Cherokee?

An AW4 transmission from a 1991 Jeep Cherokee will not fit into a 1988 Jeep Cherokee. The transmissions in the varying years do not appear to be compatible with one another.

When was Radio Fusion Radio created?

Radio Fusion Radio was created in 1991.

Will a trans from a 1991 Jeep Cherokee fit a 1988 Jeep Cherokee?

The transmission oil line from a 1991 model of a Jeep Cherokee will fit a 1988 model of a Jeep Cherokee because the transmission oil line fits all Cherokee models that were made between 1987 and 1996.

When was Radio Nights created?

Radio Nights was created in 1991.

When was Radio Roo created?

Radio Roo was created in 1991.

When was Gafsa Radio created?

Gafsa Radio was created in 1991.

When was Turn That Radio On created?

Turn That Radio On was created in 1991.

Did the 1991 Jeep Cherokee laraedo have crash airbags?


What years Cherokee fit the Comanche?

1986 to 1991

What kind of oil for 1991 Jeep Cherokee?


What oil weight for 1991 Jeep Cherokee?


Will a 1991 Jeep Cherokee steering column fit a 1994 Jeep Cherokee?

Should fit, yes

How do you replace the fuse that controls the radio and clock on a 1991 Toyota Tercel?

It is in the fuse box. Check all of the fuses with a test light.

How do you install the gear shift cable on a 1991 camaro?

easy by installing it

How do you remove the trasmission oil pan in a 1991 Jeep Cherokee Laredo?

I need to know asap how to remove a trasmission oil pan on a 1991 jeep Cherokee Laredo? Thank you!