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Do the headlights stay on until you disconnect the battery? Or do they shut off after a certain period of time? They may have a timer which keeps them on. Check the owners manual to find out how to change this. If a timer is not the case, your headlight switch is probably bad, or you may have a problem in the wiring harness. I would check the switch first. Unplug it from the back. If your lights go out, you need a new switch.

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Will 1996 Chrysler sebring coupe headlights fit 1996 dodge avenger?

yes they will fit your because those cars are produced Mitsubishi motors ofAmerica. They were built on Mitsubishi FJ platform

What Dodge cars share the same engine block as a 1996 Dodge Avenger?

The 2 door Chrysler Sebring (non-convertible) Also the 1996 Mitsubishi Eclipse

What does it mean when your Dodge Magnum headlights keep blinking when you start your car?

That you should sell it And stop buying s***ty cars!(dodge) chargers have electrical issues Amd have been recalled, dodge is cheap junk!

Are there lights on NASCAR cars?

No. Nascar cars do not have headlights.

Where is the fuse in the car for the headlights?

Most all cars do not have a fuse for the headlights.

What type of glass are headlights for cars made of?

most headlights are made out of a polycarbonate

What is same about cars?

bumpers headlights

What are the best Dodge cars on the market?

Dodge motor company produces various models of cars. Some of the best Dodge cars include the Dodge Avenger, the Dodge Durango, and the Dodge Grand Caravan.

What cars share the same engine block as a 1996 Dodge Avenger?

Only the 2 door Sebring.(but not the convertible)

What cars can a Purolator L24651 oil filter be used on?

Many Ford, Ram and Dodge trucks 1996 and up.

Will a 1996 Dodge Neon fuel tank fit a 1997 Dodge Neon?

it should as the cars were pretty much identical, contact a salvage yard as they have the interchange manuals and can answer this better

When was xenon used in cars?

today headlights man

Is a Dodge a good car. What are some opinions about them?

Dodge cars are extremely strong and Dodge saloons are fast. Dodge cars are very good!

What year and model cars will have driver seat rails that will interchange with 1995 Dodge Stratus?

1996 Stratus will interchange, plus others.

Will your 1999 Plymouth voyager engine fit any other cars?

Dodge Caravan and Chrysler town and country from 1996-2000.

Do 99 and 00 Camry headlights interchange?

No, they are not. Even so these cars mechanically are almost identical, but they have different headlights.

Does Planet Dodge only sell Dodge cars?

Planet Dodge does not only sell Dodge cars. They also sell Chrysler, Jeep, and RAM cars , trucks and vehicles. At one of these locations you are sure to find a vehicle for you.

Who invented the dodge cars?

John and Horace Dodge

Why does the brake lights on a 1996 Pontiac Firebird work in reverse with the headlights ON and normal with the headlights OFF?

if i read that right lol all cars do that that is just the way they are set up if ur lights arent on your brake light dont need to be on hell as long as someone sees your reverse lights ur fine but anyways all cars do that

What cars start with an d?

dodge viper, dodge charger, dodge challenger

Which cars have the same motor as a 1997 Chrysler lhs?

1996-1997 Dodge Intrepid, Chrysler Concorde, Chrysler LHS, Eagle Vision.

What is the country of origin for dodge cars?

Dodge is an American automaker.

What year did dodge start producing cars?

Dodge Brothers was founded in 1900 and began building cars in 1915.

Which cars can dodge vipers be fitted to?

The Dodge Viper is a type of car produced by Dodge. So in fact they can't be fitted to a car, but are cars. More info can be found on the Dodge website.

Whiy did the french have yellow headlights on their cars?

The french had yellow headlights on their cars until the early 1990s because it was a regulation they had. It started in WW2, when the french resistance put yellow headlights on their cars so they could identify themselves from the Germans, and i guess it just stuck. Even if you entered France with your car from another country, you had to put yellow clip ons over your headlights. Also, yellow headlights supposedly give you better vision in rainy, snowy, or foggy conditions because the yellow light doesnt reflect off as much as white light. That's why you still see alot of yellow foglights on cars, and why many GT racing cars use yellow headlights as well.

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