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Why does your dodge ram 1500 uses a lot of antifreeze?


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Could be a few things.

Does it leak antifreeze? if so, fix the part that leaks.

If not, you could have coolant mixing with oil inside the engine, which burns it.

check your spark plugs. If they are white, you are probably burning antifreeze - fix immediately.

your exhaust will smell "sweet" as well if you are burning antifreeze.

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Take the air cleaner off and look down in the throttle body. If you see a lot of oil in the intake, the intake will need removed and the pan on the bottom of the intake will need resealed.

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It is not in the factory repair manual. They refer to the diagram in front of the radiator on a 2000 Dodge Ram 1500. It is a very basic diagram and leaves a lot to be desired. I am looking for a diagram myself as a pack rat chewed off both ends of one vacumn hose and I cannot find where it attaches on the firewall.

It came from the factory with Dex-cool antifreeze.......added by haroldb. Don't use dexcool. Flush out your system and put plain antifreeze back in.. G M has a lot of law suits on dexcool

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Uses a lot of antifreeze and makes a loud noise? Does the coolant fall out under the front (where the pulleys are) of the engine? Does your vehicle squeal like a dry shaft is spinning or a bearing is ruined? If so, your water pump is bad and the weep hole on the bottom of it opened. Replace water pump. Only solution to a bad water pump. If this isn't what you meant please clarify. Sounds like it is though. Hope I could help.

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Actually, antifreeze will freeze. It just freezes at a much lower temperature than ordinary water. But it can freeze, and the chemical structure of antifreeze is such that the molecules will not change state (liquid to solid -- freeze) except at the very lowest temperatures. A lot of thermal energy must be removed from antifreeze to cause the molecules to "hook up" and the stuff to change state into a solid. It's based on the nature of the chemical structure of antifreeze.

There might be a leak in the water pump, or in the radiator. Maybe even check the radiator hoses for cracks and leaks.

Was built with Dexcool. A lot of people switch to green.

Make sure it's cool enough that when you squeeze the upper hose it's soft, so you can tell there's not a lot of pressure in there. Carefully open the cap, dump in the antifreeze.

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