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Why does your dog bleed from the penis after an erection?


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I dont think Thats normal

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Yes, it is possible for a neutered dog to still get an erection.

It's probably not the dog's penis bleeding, but during heat the female will bleed so it stands to reason that the penis would have blood on it. If you are sure your dog is bleeding from the penis it's best to have the pet checked out by your vet. Marcy

Take it to a vet because it has an infection...

It shouldn't. Take the dog to the vet.

When you have an erection :).

yeah, its normal. it just means that your penis stretches a lot when you have an erection

When a dog has a full erection his penis becomes a lot larger than when non-erect. It may just look swollen to you.

It means an erection of the penis.

The dog's penis has a bone inside called an "OS bone" that aids the dog in penetration, and allows full penetration without full erection.

A dog's penis sort of comes out of itself. The actual penis is under the furry part you see. When a dog sits a certain way or has an erection, the red part shows.

"A boner" is slang for erection so it's not on your penis, it is your penis when erect.

It's a ring you put on your penis to have an erection longer. It holds the blood still so you can still have an erection.

to help maintain an erection.

It is not normal for the penis to bleed. If you haven't accidentally hurt or cut it then visit your doctor for a diagnosis.

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get a erection amd put your penis in pum and start pumping

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If you mean an erection of the penis, this due to the fact that blood engorges the penis, means it goes into the penis but prevented from leaving. This causes a temporary erection. This is one reason that men with heart disease or high blood pressure have difficulty getting or maintaining an erection. When the man loses the erection, whether through masturbation, sexual intercourse, or cold shower, the blood slowly leaves the penis. An erection that lasts longer than 4 hours or becomes painful is a medical emergency.

it is 2 inches with an erection

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This is completely normal. Any physical stimulation to the penis, including just pulling back the foreskin, can cause an erection. This is a sign of a normal functional penis.

Bleeding from the penis is never normal.

An erection can happen even before birth. It is just caused by blood flow to the penis.

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