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This could be a sign of dehydration, or possible kidney trouble. Contact your vet and take in a stool sample.

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Q: Why does your dog have white stools?
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Dog blood stools?

Any time a dog or puppy has blood in their stools, they need to see a veterinarian.

What is the meaning of mucus in the stools of an otherwise healthy dog?

It could be anything from too many fats in the dog's diet, to have a bit of an intestinal problem (we all get them). Even humans can have a certain amount of mucus in their stools. If your dog's stools are quite white with mucus then it's advisable to take a stool sample to your vets for analysis to be sure there is no infection.

Do alcoholics have white stools?

No, they don't.

Black stools in dogs?

If you see black stools in your dog, your dog is sick. Most likely, the black stool will go away. If your dog keeps having the black stool, you should take him in for a check-up.

What is the cause of bright red dog stools?

Bright red dog stools may be caused by bleeding in the lower part of the digestive tract, or by ingesting something red and undigestible. See your vet for information specific to your dog's situation.

What are the side effects of eating chalk?

Dry mouth, white mouth, white stools,

What causes white stools and diahreah?

Speaking to my local vet, white stools from dogs (rarely seen these days) were due to eating bones. Remember when we used to go to local butchers instead of supermarkets and they used to give them out for free? As bones cannot be digested and together with high amounts of calcium and marrow, dog stools turned white! If this same problem is happening to anyone you know, I'd get them to seriously look into their diet - or visit the doctor ASAP.

Why would a dog suddenly go from normal stools twice a day to soft tarry stools 5-8 times a day?

Tarry stools are an indication of a gastrointestinal bleed. These can be fatal very rapidly. Get the dog to a vet at once. Consider preserving a stool sample too.

What is a good dry dog food to firm up stools?

Any of them. Dry dog foods are formulated partially to achieve that.

Why does your dog suddenly vomit and have dark bloody stools that smells unusually bad?

Because your dog is dying and will be dead in 6 months

Where can you purchase white bar stools?

White bar stools can be purchased from Walmart, Target, KMart, Sears, The Bay, Rona, Lowes, Bed Bath and Beyond, Home Sense, United furniture Warehouse and Leons.

Why is dog poop white and hard?

consistency and color are related to the dogs diet. It sounds like your dog might be eating a raw diet? When I feed my dogs straight meat their stools are very small, whitish and more dense than when they have kibble.

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