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This is a sign of dominance. Our spayed female dog humped a neutered male cat, and at first it confused me. But the humping is not any indication that the dog intends, or wants, to breed. Instead, it is one way of trying to dominate; the dog is trying to be the top dog, or boss. So you CANNOT let it happen!

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What do they do when they spade a dog?

They don't "spade" a dog -- they SPAY a dog. This is the act of neutering a dog.

Can a femail dog still get puppy even is shes spade?

no its impossible

Can you stop a dog pregnancy by getting the female spade even after they have completed the act?


Can you hump a dog?

idiot! why would you want to hump a dog? that's bestiality!

Should you get a dog spade?

I recommend it as you must collect your dog poop and it is easier to do so with a spade and a doggy bag

What would you have as a pet?

I would have a dog even though i have a dogI would have a cat or a rabbit, even though I have 4 cats, a rabbit and a dog.

Will a male dog hump a fixed female dog?

Dogs do not view sex as humans view sex. A dog will, at times, hump anything. A lot of times, a male dog will actually hump other male dogs and that is due to a fight for dominance. So yes, a male dog will hump a fixed female.

How do you spade a dog?

take it to the vet

Can a dog breed if it has been spade?


Is spade a racial slur?

A Spade is a gardening tool. Spay is to spay a female dog.

When will the male dog stop hump female in heat?

The male dog is much like the human dog... it will never stop hump female in heat....ever. The male dog is much like the human dog... it will never stop hump female in heat....ever.

How can your dog be a service dog even though she is not trained?

train it

How long can a dog hump?

on average dogs hump for 20 minutes trolololol

Why does your female dog hump the other female dog?

I think its in their nature as males do this also even neutured males. could be one is in heat also. Dogs will hump a human leg also, tell it no, or shake a can with coins in it to make them stop

Why do you let your dog hump you?


Why does your dog hump your dog?

Dogs do this because they try to dominate the other dog.

What does it mean when you spade your dog?

They cant have puppies.

Can a dog breed if it has already been spade?


Can a male dog mate with a female dog even though she is not in heat?


Why does your dog hump you?

Dogs hump as a form of dominance. When they hump other dogs they are trying to claim dominance over them. It is the same reason why dogs try to hump people.

Can a dog hump its owner?

Yes it can my friends dog does it all the time

What does a dog do that embarasses their owners?

Hump Their leg

When dog is in heat can they get spade?

are you serious no they cant impossible

Why would a female dog that has recently been spayed try hump an unfixed male dog?

Humping another dog is not sexual but a dominance thing. The dominant dog will always try to hump the other dog to show it is the dominant dog here.

Why doesn't male dog hump anything?

There are a number of possible reasons as to why a male dog may not hump anything. The usual reason is because the dog has been neutered and no longer has the desire.

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