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the motor might be bad on that side or there is just lose wiring. you will have to take off the door panel to find out which problem is causing this.

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Q: Why does your elec window not go up or down on the passeger side but the driver side works?
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Your power window on driver side wont roll up?

1999 Pontiac motana mini van driver window will roll down but will not roll up ??????

1996 Lincoln Mark viii Driver side window is stuck halfway and won't move all the way down or up. What can I do?

You should have a mechanic check your window to see if it is off track. If it is not, then they will be able to replace the computer so that your window works.

Driver Side Window down and wont come up?

if manual, window regulator. if electric, check fuses, window switch, window motor, window regulator.

Why does Driver window squeal and won't go down 1999 voyager?

The window regulator ( the part that moves it up and down) has failed and will need replaced.

How do you fix a power window on driver side of a 2007 Chevy Malibu?

window make a noise, but won't roll down

Chevrolet venture window problem?

I need a module for the a chevrolet venture 2003 the the driver side window wont go down

Passenger electric window in a Toyota Tacoma 1997 is not going down but driver side works fine is it the motor or something else that can be changed easily how do you troubleshoot?

Make sure the window lock button is not ON. Simple, I know. But I dissected the passenger door before I figured this out.

Which contacts on a 98 Dodge Durando SLT 5.2 driver power window switch or motor do you cross to move the window?

look for the wires that go to the driver window switch, there will be 3, two of them will make window go up, 2 will make window go down. use a small jumper wire to brige them

Driver side window wont go up but goes down 1989 Chevy caprice classic?

it could be your window switch..try changing it

Why do banks have breyl lettering at drive through ATM machines?

This might help. I saw a driver pull up to an ATM machine in front of my car and the passenger window rolled down behind the driver. My window was down and I heard the man ask the driver to pull up so he could have better access to the beryl.

Your driver side power window will not go up or down but passenger side works fine in a 1999 eclipse gs?

if the windows switches are on the door panel, you may have broken wires between the door and the body.

Why will my passenger power window in my 2004 dodge neon not go down?

I'm currently having the same issue and from what I've gathered over the past week online, it's one of two things. Either the window switch/connection is faulty OR the regulator. Mine happens to be the switch because the driver side switch for the passenger window works fine. Now my problem is if the passenger and driver switch mechanisms are interchangeable when purchasing?

How do you fix a driver side window on a 1991 Honda Accord It rolls down all the way but it only rolls up three fourths of the way.?

Take ArmorAll that has the straw with it and roll the window all the way down or as far as it will go and spray it down on the inside of the door which is the inside of the door and that should help loosen the hinges making it easier to go up and down try this and see if it works ok.

My driver side window sometimes won't go down I've found that it usually works when it's cool outside but when it's hot it never goes down it always rolls up though bad switch or motor possibly?

It seems as if there could be a problem with your motor. The metal in the motor may be swelling due to the heat and causing the window to stick.

How do you fix the driver side window of a 1992 Chevy Silverado if it doesnt go up or down anymore?

You'll probably need to buy a new power window motor, if it's power window, that is.

Your driver window wont let down in your 99 rav4?

A power window that does not "roll down" in a 1999 Toyota RAV4 is most likely the result of a faulty regulator. The regulator can be replaced by removing the door panel.

What would cause the driver side window on an 2001 oldsmoble alero not to roll up or down?

Bad regulator

When I press the button Driver window won't go up or down?

The best thing to do, is take the inner part of the door open, and find what's jamming your window.

How to fix Odyssey 2001 driver side power window not coming up?

If it is not a bad switch, the cable moving the window up and down probably came loose or broke. The window regulator comes as an assembly which includes the motor, cable and track. It costs around $70. The passenger window on mine did this. I have found that if I grasp the top of the window and move it forward, toward the front of the car it gets back on track and works fine.

How can you fix your electric driver side window on your 1999 Pontiac Sunfire convertible it rolls down but not up?

you prolly need a new window motor... check a local junkyard.

97 Chevy blazer driver window won't roll down I replaced the window motor a year agowhat's wrong?

Check window regulator for voltage and if your window is off track, buy a tube of flowable silicone and duct tape the window and see if the track will drop when lowering the window with the motor. If the track lowers. Silicone the tracks and unduct tape the window and slowly ease the window into the track, sometimes you want a screw driver outside the vehicle to hold the window in the direct path of the track. Once you get the window in the track, push down hard and allow the motor to bring the window to the top and allow to dry 24 hours.

1994 Grand Marquis drivers window motor works but window doesn't go down or up but the window does work itself downward while driving so what could the problem areas be?

Electric Window problemIf you haven't checked already, check to see if the window is in the track and not out of the track and then check the regulator to see if one or more teeth are broken or may have come disconnected. Hope that might help also sometimes the motor works but doesn't have enough strength to lift the window had that problem on my 1987 Nissan wagon had to rebuild the window motor. or if it is on track the cable linkig might have snapped my 95 did same on driver window

Why does the driver side PW on your 1992 S-10 blazer go up or down about one inch then stop working then in a couple of minutes it works but the problem stays the same?

this most likely needs a new power window motor this most likely needs a new power window motor i have a 1994 Chevy s10 blazer and i had the same problem and eventually my window would not go up or down. i ended up replacing my window motor and doing it myself.

How do you check driver side rear power window on 2003 aviator that wont roll up or down?

you have to take of the door

There are two cables hanging down in your door that go to the window and your window wont go up but the motor still works?

The regulator has failed and needs replaced.