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Why does your engine stall in your '95 neon?

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βˆ™ 2007-04-27 23:52:23

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Could be a million things. Does it stall all the time? What code does it throw out? I have askede the same question and have tried about everything under the sun. Changed out sensors, Cleaned throtle body and now will try something which may be your problem also if you suspect fuel. There is a filter near the fuel pump, (on the 95 anyway) which could be cloged if you had prolems with rusting filler pipe like me. or could be an airlock at the filter if one of the 3 hoses or connections leaks. I suspect the leak if the problem is there when the car and outside temperature is hot. It could be the fuel pump or plugs also. So you see. . . . you need to do a lot of research and then aske the question again with more information about your car.

2007-04-27 23:52:23
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Q: Why does your engine stall in your '95 neon?
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Car engine knocks when idling in a 95 neon what does it mean?

you shouldn't drive a 95 neon

How do you remove out an engine in a 95 dodge neon?

The engine and transmission are removed at the same time out of the bottom.

How do you remove a engine from a 95 Plymouth neon?

actually there is also a Plymouth neon as well as the dodge neon their pretty identical an the parts are the same

What is the engine oil capacity for a 1990 Dodge Neon 2.2 Liter engine?

Could be wrong but the neon didn't come out til '94-'95.

Where is the power steering reservoir neon 1995?

The reservoir on a 95 Neon should be on the passenger side of the engine bay. It is near the front at the radiator.

Where is the oxygen sensor 95 dodge neon?

The oxygen sensor is screwed into the exhaust, behind the engine.

Is a 95 dodge neon 2.0 l 16 valve sohc a zero tolerance engine?


How Adjust clutch pedal 1995 neon?

how to adjust a 95 dodge neon clutch? how to adjust a 95 dodge neon clutch?

Will a 95 neon part fit a 96 neon?

Most will.

Where to add coolant to dodge neon?

On a first generation Neon (95-99) The coolant reservoir is located at the back of the engine on the passenger side. It should have a square yellow cap.

Will a 95 neon motor fit in a 99 neon frame?


Will 1996 neon body parts fit on a 2001 neon?

No, the body parts for a 96 neon are a different style than that of a 2001. If you try to put a 1996 body part on a 2001, the bolt holes will not line up. Your best bet is 99, 98, 97, 95 neon body parts. They are the same body style. I own a 99 neon, it has a 95 brake light, 96 head light, 95 fender, and a 98 engine. It's had a rough life. lol

Why would a 95 Neon run fine during cool weather but if the outside temperature is over 80 the engine stalls after about 15 miles will start again 15 minutes later but stall again?

Your engine may be over heated, let it cool, then try start it.{can we get a real mechanic to answer these questions please. coolant sensor maybe}

Why would your 95 Neon die like there is no spark or the fuel pump stop working suddenly?

I had the same problem with a 95 Dodge neon. It was the computer. You could tap it with a wrench and it would run for awhile longer, but I had to end up replacing the computer itself. dose it still idle, but stall when you hit the gas pedal when this problem is happening???

Why does my 99 neon stall when making a left hand turn?

Your 99 Neon may stall because the battery moves to one side when you turn. You should try tightening your battery cables.

Does a 95 dodge neon fuel pump fit a 2005 dodge neon?


What happens if you have a bad crank position sensor?

your engine will stall. When you try to restart the engine, it will stutter and stall again.

Water pump location on 95 dodge neon Sx?

The water pump is inside the passenger side of the engine, driven by the timing belt.

Can a 95 Plymouth neon window be replaced by a 96 Plymouth neon window?


Why does your 95 silverado stall out when you put it in gear?

transmission, I'm afraid--may be able to coax t a bit by gently revving engine, kryword gently. :-)

What causes the engine to stall while driving?

There are several reasons an engine may stall while driving, here are three.The fuel tank is empty and the engine is starved of fuel.Not enough power to climb a hill causing a stall.Faulty or damp electronics on a petrol engine can also cause a stall.

Does the 05 dodge neon have an interference engine?

Yes. The Dodge Neon has an interference engine.

Where is the oil filter on 95 neon?

Underneath the engine, forward of the oil pan (the black pan with a single bolt on the bottom.). It is a Purolator P10241 or equivalent.

Why does your 1999 neon car stall when making a left hand turn?

There are several things that can cause your 1991 Dodge Neon to stall when making a left-hand turn. The most common cause will be a loose or corroded ground wire.

Why does my 95 dodge neon still stall after replaceing fuel pump?

Did you change your fuel filter when you changed your fuel pump? I would also check for fouled spark plugs, dirty fuel injectors, and vacuum leaks.