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Why does your freezer not freeze?

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the temperature in the freezer is not cold enough, try turning it up

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Can you freeze alcohol in a freezer?

Depends on the alcoholic content. An ordinary freezer will freeze beer, but not liquor.

Can you freeze prime rib?

Yes, you can freeze prime rib. Seal it in a container or freezer bag, or wrap in freezer paper and place in the freezer.

How do you freeze a rack of lamb?

Wrap the rack of lamb in freezer paper, tape with freezer tape and freeze.

Can vodka freeze in your home freezer?

No, alcohol does not freeze.

What can you freeze a liquid with?


What can you freeze chemicals with?


Why does bottled water appear to freeze after removing it from the freezer?

There are quite a few reasons why your bottled water appears to freeze after removing it from the freezer. This is because it did freeze.

How long does it take to freeze 450 milileter of water in a freezer?

Depends how cold the freezer is. and if its pure water it won't freeze!

What happens to plants if they are put into a freezer?

If plants are put into a freezer, they freeze.

Can ethanol freeze when you put it in the freezer?

Not in a domestic (home) freezer if it is pure ethanol (a dilute solution can freeze in the freezer). Ethanol's freezing point is -114.1°C. This is far colder than a domestic freezer.

How do you freeze pumpkin?

put it in the freezer

How do you freeze vegtables?

You put them in a freezer.

How do you freeze a softball?

Put it in the freezer!

Will working in a freezer age you?

No but it will freeze you

How do you freeze your laptop?

put it in the freezer

What should you freeze the coffee in?

A freezer!

How do you freeze seeds?

put it in the freezer

How do you freeze guacamole?

you put it in the freezer

Is it better to freeze meat in freezer paper or plastic?

The best way to freeze meat is by using freezer paper. Plastic will not let the meat last as long as freezer paper does.

Can you freeze rice krispie treats?

You can freeze anything that can fit into your freezer.

Can you freeze date filled cookies?

You can freeze anything that can fit into a freezer.

Does orange soda freeze?

Orange soda will freeze if left in the freezer.

How do you freeze a standing rib roast?

You put it in freezer wrapped in a freezer bag.

What kind of container needed to freeze soup?

You can freeze soup that is totally cooled in ziplock freezer bags. Or, in a sealed freezer-proof container.

Can you freeze shrimp alfredo?

Sure you can freeze this food. Place it in an air tight container. You can also use freezer bag or freezer paper.