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Tires out of balance, belt in tire has slipped, ie defective tire, bent wheel, loose lug nuts, loose or worn bearings. Check lug nuts and tighten to the proper torque. Have the tires rotated and balanced. Inspect the suspension and all stering parts. Have you used "fix a flat" ? if yes, You have 2-lbs of water inside your tire now. it cost me 70 bucks to find out and this stuff easts chrom weels. Go to alignment shop and tell them to jack up ur car and they use a special machine to turn the back wheels one by one to find out which one is out of ballance ( dont let them take the wheels off and ballance them since they balance tires and speed lower than 50mph and usually stuff happens around 55 to 60mph. for front tires u can just jack up one wheel at a time and put the car in drive and accelerate one wheel is on the ground and the one you jacked up turns and u ask some one to look at the wheel see if it shakes ( it shakes really bad if water inside the tire) do the same of other front wheel. But for back wheels u need that special machine which alignment shops have and all these machines do they turn the wheel up to 130 mph to see if it shakes or not.

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Q: Why does your front wheels shake while driving?
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What would cause a 1992 Honda accord to shake at the front while driving?

bent wheels or a broken cord in a tire or a deformity in a tire.

Why does Jeep Grand Cherokee shake violently while driving?

1. out of balance wheels 2. misaligned front end 3. worn out steering dampner.

Why causes your Honda Odyssey steering wheel to shake while driving on the highway?

Wheels are out of balance

Why would a 95 Ford Thunderbird ride rough and shake while driving?

maybe you need to have wheels balanced We are actually having that same problem with our car and it isn't the tires. We just bought brand new ones had the mounted and balanced and also a front end alignment done on it and it still shakes while driving..

Is it normal for the front wheels of a car to heat up while driving?

Only if you drive with your foot on the brake all the time.

What causes car and wheels shake while driving and braking?

If it only happens when you are braking I would suspect warped brake rotors. Other reasons the front end could shake would include unbalanced tires or the vehicle needing realignment. Whatever the case may be; driving a car in this condition is unsafe and you should repair it or have it repaired before you drive it again.

Why front wheels shake for a couple of seconds when driving on the freeway and I go over a bump while in a turn?

It sounds like your car needs a 'front end alignment'.Get to a garage soon. If something breaks in your frond end, you could have an accident. $ 50 may save your or someone else's life.

Why does your engine shake while driving?

Maybe its your motor mounts.

Why the front tires of the jeep shake out control while driving?

Tires out of balance, bent wheel, worn suspension or steering parts, bent driveshaft.

Can the rim or tire cause the car to shake or vibrate?

Yes, either can cause a shake while driving.

Why does my 2003 volkswagen jetta shake while driving at low speeds even after having the spark plugs and wires replaced and there are only 7500 miles on the car?

Have you tried having the wheels balanced ?

Why would a car shake while accelerating?

your wheels/tires probably need to be balanced or rotated,

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