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I have a guniea pig... When he makes those noises he is happy.. Its like a happy shivering.. when he gets angry he chatters his teeth.. then again all guniea's are different and you cant really tell what he does..

I have read in many sites and books that the purring noise and shivering means one of 2 things, 1 its horny or 2 its angry, either that or he is just cold so he shivers. But if he was happy he would make a high pitch squeak squeak sound.

Wow guinea pigs do not shake when they ae horny they are never hory ive researched guinea pigs shake when they feel safe or is happy rub it lower bac and it will make purring shakin noises

I have a guinea pig, and whenever he makes those noises, he is happy. I have read that on so many websites, and I have been told by so many people that that's what it means. They do have a sensitive spot on your back, and when you hit it while brushing or petting too hard, they will squeal.

this normally means the guinea pigs happy and realaxed

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Q: Why does your guinea pig make purring noises and shiver when you're petting him?
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