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A normal person will lose about 100 hairs everyday. What you are deeming "hair loss" is probably just usual stuff. Hormonal changes could cause extra loss. This could be the case if you are suffering from bad acne as this is also a sign of topsy-turvy hormones. Excess testosterone can cause hair loss, so if you are a guy it could be just your glands beginning to work. The only way you could be sure is with a test at your doctor. For girls, going on the pill could help these hormones settle down. Drug use is also a common cause of hair loss. So if you are taking drugs, you may wish to rethink...

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โˆ™ 2006-04-14 07:47:59
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Q: Why does your hair fall out a lot if you're in your teens?
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What percent of teens take drugs regularly?

A LOT of teens in the US take drugs. Most have tried atleast one type. Especially if youre not only counting illegal drugs.

Is it normal for a puppies hair to fall of?

If ITs very hot and they have a lot of hair yes

Will washing your hair a lot make your hair fall out?

no, but it will make you get dandruff. also if you wash your face a lot you will get pimples. yuck!

Can bleaching your hair a lot of times cause your hair to fall off?

No it is bad to bleach your hair never ever try it.

Does hair dye make you loose a lot of hair?

Yes. Your hair will fall out like that. Green hair dye can make you bald, depending on the chemicals. Anything else, especially blonde hair dye, will make a little fall out.

Is there any Treatment for hair fall?

Yes! There are a lot of causes for hair fall and the incriminating cause or causes should be analyzed first. There are appropriate medications which can control hair fall and cause the growth of new hair. However, hair fall should be analyzed by a doctor specialized in handling these problems before these medications can be advocated.

How do you make thick hair?

Don't pull on it or do anything to make fall out a lot.

How do you grow youre hair longer?

Take a multi-vitamin once a day in the morning. Also drink a lot of water, your hair needs hydration to grow. Hair grows faster in the summer than it does in the winter, and using a lot of heat on your hair is NOT good for it. Some shampoos have special vitamins in them that enhance your hair folicles, making hair grow faster. With hair remember, the moister the better!!

Will your hair fall out?

Well, baldness is genetic, so if you have a lot of family members who went bald, your chances of getting bald are higher. Some diseases and medications can make your hair fall out too.

Do a lot of teens text?

Yes they do a lot of the time.

Can long hair protect the hair fall for men?

I recommended it. When I was shopping and I came across this brand blackwood for men. Only tried it because the bottle looked cool but it helped my dandruff a lot (check it on google)

What are common causes for hair falling out?

Girls hair can fall out if they use stuff like straightners, hairdryers or any other heat products for their hair often without using heat defense sprays or shampoos, Guys hair can fall out if they use a lot of Gel You should also have a healthy diet or your hair can go weird

Can you dread youre hair without product?

Yes! Sort of, anyways. If you take a comb especially made to backcomb hair and tease it then apply a lot of pomade/or something else really oily, it's possible. I had dreads last year, and that's how i did it. It actually came out very nicely. =] Yes you can, and it is actually is a lot healthier for your hair to do it that way.

What are the statistics for suicide teens?

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How many teens watch reality television shows?

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You had a perm almost two weeks ago Today you dyed your hair your hair dresser said that this was ok and as you rinsed out the demi-permanent dye a lot of hair seemed to fall out is this to be expecte?

no, the perm and dying your hair has partially ruined the heallythiness in it. i suggest that you put olive oil in your hair, and then wash it off afterwards, so keep your hair smooth, and reduce the hair fall.

Why should teenagers have a lot of sleep?

Teens should have a lot of sleep because they need to go to school, and if there tired they will not pay attention and will sometimes fall asleep. But if their sleep is restored they will sometimes... pay attetion and do their best.

If you use a lot of sun-in will it bleach your hair to platinum?

Nope just orange sorry platinum is color that if you want it and want you hair not to fall out you want to have pro do for you. Trust me I'm a hair stylist.

Did teens swear a lot in the 1940s?

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What is the most reason that teens spend a lot of time on the computer?

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What is the best ayurvedic medicine for hair fall control?

Hair fall is very common in both men and women. There are a lot of factors that cause hair fall. Some of the popular causes are pollution, stress, hormonal imbalances, heredity, nutritional deficiencies, and autoimmune diseases. Hair fall treatments involving the use of chemicals can be expensive and they tend to damage your hair even more instead of repairing. Always seek qualified medical advice before taking any medication does not endorse any product

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