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A normal person will lose about 100 hairs everyday. What you are deeming "hair loss" is probably just usual stuff. Hormonal changes could cause extra loss. This could be the case if you are suffering from bad acne as this is also a sign of topsy-turvy hormones. Excess testosterone can cause hair loss, so if you are a guy it could be just your glands beginning to work. The only way you could be sure is with a test at your doctor. For girls, going on the pill could help these hormones settle down. Drug use is also a common cause of hair loss. So if you are taking drugs, you may wish to rethink...

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2006-04-14 07:47:59
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Q: Why does your hair fall out a lot if you're in your teens?
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A LOT of teens in the US take drugs. Most have tried atleast one type. Especially if youre not only counting illegal drugs.

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Is there any Treatment for hair fall?

Yes! There are a lot of causes for hair fall and the incriminating cause or causes should be analyzed first. There are appropriate medications which can control hair fall and cause the growth of new hair. However, hair fall should be analyzed by a doctor specialized in handling these problems before these medications can be advocated.

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