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Because it takes a few minuets for the rods inside to heat up so it can begin to boil the water inside there for you have hot water

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Why do they call it a hot water heater if it heats cold water. Shouldn't it be called a cold water heater?

It is just a water heater. People just say hot water heater without thinking.

Where can a propane heater be purchased?

Our garage is too cold in the winter and we'd like to get a small portable heater. Where can we purchase a propane heater?

Do you use the water heater when you use just cold water?

If water is only drawn from the cold faucet, then no, the water heater is not involved. However, if water is drawn from the hot faucet- even for a few seconds- hot water IS withdrawn from the heater, and fresh cold water drawn in to be heated- even if the hot water did not make it all the way through the pipe to the faucet- and the water heater will work to heat that fresh cold water.

What happens when hot water is on top of cold water?

Hot water is lighter then cold water so it would stay up on top of cold water till both waters naturalize to the same temp. a good example is a water heater and (if its not to old) open your drain at the bottom of the water heater and if your dip tube is still good you should always get cold water out of it even if the water heater is on and your water heater pressure is on.

Why would there be hot water in the tanks of the toilets in a recently purchased house?

Someone hooked up the hot water supply to the toilet instead of the cold water supply- or your water heater is back drawing hot water through to the toilet from a cold water inlet (supply)

Hot water heater the we just rerouted from bathroom to attic isn't filling... no leaks and cold water works and the tank will only fill when cold water is going ... anyone know anything about that?

Check piping. Make sure cold line going into cold side of water heater and hot side coming out hot side. Cold feed for water heater should come off main cold line. Make sure valves are open to and from water heater.

Why does kitchen sink only have cold water?

Because hot water heater breaker has tripped, or hot water heater has failed.

How to Keep Your Water Heater Clean?

By Andreina Urdaneta A clean water heater will heat and maintain water better and last longer. Once a year, flush your water heater, and in extreme hard water areas, at least twice a year. If you feel up to the challenge, here are some tips to help you in a basic cleaning. 1 Turn the water heater and the cold water supply to the water heater off. 2 Hook a high-quality garden hose to the drain valve, and place the other end in an area where hot water will not cause damage. 5. Open the drain valve. 6. Disconnect the cold water pipe on the top of the water heater. This step will let air into the water heater so it will drain. When the water heater is empty, close the drain. 8. Pour tile cleaner into the cold water, leave for a couple of hours and drain the detergent out of the tank. 10. Reconnect the cold water supply to the water heater. Open the cold water valve and let the water heater flush for a couple minutes. 12. Close the drain valve and open the hot water faucet nearest to the tank, and let the water heater fill. 13. When water starts to come out of that faucet, reopen the drain and let the water heater continue to rinse. After all the air is out of the water heater, turn it back on. Take care of your water heater, and it will take care of you. If you keep ignoring the task, your water heater may just leave you in the cold.

How do i know when my hot water heater is broken?

When you want to know when your hot water heater is broken, simply run your faucet and test the water. If it's cold, the heater is broken.

Where can a heater be found and where can it be used?

A heater is a device that uses some sort of fuel to warm something or to radiate infrared light. They can be purchased in shops and are frequently used in homes situated in cold climates, in water tanks to heat water for domestic purposes or to cook food.

How do you know when your hot water heater is down?

The easiest way to know when your hot water heater is down is by testing the temperature of the water at the faucet. If it's cold, the water heater needs repair.

A natural gas water heater converts what?

It converts cold water to hot water.

On a hot-water heater can you tie in the cold water supply at the bottom of the heater?

Personally I would not, as the cold water could thermo-shock the heater. And if you have a glass-lined tank, it will crack it and shorten the life of the tank. I would follow the manufacturer's instructions.

Hwhy do i get hot water but no water when turned to cold?

Odds are that the cold water lines to the faucet you are trying to use are shut off but the hot water lines coming from the water heater are not. That is why you have hot water but no cold water.

What is the purpose of the dip tube in a water heater?

it puts cold water in and pushes hot water to the top

Why does heater in a 2000 Dodge Neon only blow cold air?

you may not have the heater water hoses plugged in

Where is the cold water line on a hot water heater?

The two pipes going into the heater should be marked with either Hot and Cold or a H and C. There should be a shut off valve on the cold side, but sometimes there is one on both sides. If the piping is visible, you can follow one or the other to where it comes into the house. The water heater is usually the first thing the water line runs to.

Your heater in your jeep only blows cold air why is this?

The most common reason a automobile heater blows cold air is the water level is low. Check the water level and fill to the appropriate level.

How do you change the water in an aquarium from cold to hot?

Add an aquarium heater. Make sure you choose a heater with the correct wattage for your aquarium's water volume.

Where is the pressure regulator on a hot water heater?

presure regulator is on the incoming cold water line

Mercedes sprinter diesel engine hard to start when cold?

Most diesel engines are hard to start when it is cold. Plugging the diesel engine block heater in will help the engine start.

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