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Have you talked to him about not respecting you? It is possible that he doesn't understand his actions. Once you have brought it to his attention that in order to be respected, he in turn must respect...and if he does not respond to that, it is time to move on. Love is important, but unless respect comes as part of the package, it is not true love, and it is time for you to move on. I hope that this helps...good luck.

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Q: Why does your husband or boyfriend want respect from you when he is not willing to give it to you?
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To tell you husband 'respect me or else' will only cause and argument. The best thing to do is learn to communicate and sit down together without blaming or yelling at each other and tell him that he does not respect you and you would like to know why. If you are not happy with his answer or he gives you no answer that is when you tell him that you give him respect and expect it back and if he is not willing to do that then you need to tell him the relationship is over. There is marriage counseling you both may want to consider.

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Respect by far is definitely more important in relationships. If there's no respect then there is nothing. Affection is important and we all urge to be affectionate with our loved ones! But while we all strive to receive respect we should always be willing to give respect as well! Affection is important to us all! But respect is the key to a successful relationship!

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* It's very possible that the guy who spread the lie really cares for you and is trying to split you and your boyfriend up. If you know where this guy hangs out then tell your boyfriend you are willing to take him with you to face this guy who spread the rumors to prove you never did cheat on him in any way. If your boyfriend can't give you that much respect then he's not the man he should be and it's best to move on even though all this hasn't been fair to you.

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In a relationship it is often wise to give your boyfriend or husband the benefit of the doubt. Accusing someone without proof can damage the relationship beyond repair.

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