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There are only some ice makers that make two ice cubes at any given time. Most ice makers will make a tray of ice every few hours for a person's convenience.

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Q: Why does your ice maker only make two cubes at a time?
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Can you make flavored ice in an ice maker?

I really like Coca-Cola. And we are doing a school project where we all have to make an invention. And I hate how whenever I go to Sonic, and I order my Cola, they always put ince in it. And if I put it in my frigde, or even just leave it out, the ice melts, and then the flavor of my Cola is all watery because the ice melted. So what I am doing, is making an invention that can make your drink, into the ice cubes so that even after the cubes melt, it still tastes like my Coke. So I need to know one thing before I pour a cup of Coca-Cola into my ice machine, I need to know, will this mess up my ice-maker? My mom and I are thinking that the sugar in the Cola might clog up the Ice Machine. PLEASE! Help me. If you search for flavored ice maker in Google Patents you will find a patent for "Flavored Ice Maker Cartridge" . So, a patent for what you're trying to do has been issued. If you pour Coke into your ice maker, you'll need to make sure the water to your ice maker is turned off. Once the ice maker has emptied of ice you can pour the Coke into the ice maker. Once the Coke is frozen, the ice maker will automatically empty. Then you can keep pouring Coke or whatever liquid you want into the ice maker every time it has harvested the ice. Once you've turned water back on to the ice maker for normal operation, you'll probably be having Coke flavored ice for a while, but other than that you shouldn't have any problems.

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