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Replace the tumbler assembly, it is broken.

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What happens if you try to start a impala with the wrong key?

The ignition tumbler will not turn and you will not be able to start the car.

What is wrong with your 1997 camaro ss cranks will not start?

if its cranking but not starting most likely fuel pump

What could be wrong when alero wont start or make any sounds when ignition is turned?

battery is shot?

1995 camaro it starts but as soon as you let go of the key switch and it falls back the car shut off any clue on whats wrong or how to fix it?

Could be a bad ignition switch

What may go wrong with a camaro 1989?


What collage is the best for becoming a inventor?

Try "Mechanical Engineering" and then start moving forward.

Why won't your 1985 Mercury Cougar six cylinder start everytime?

it could be something wrong with the ignition switch, and or alarm

My 89 tracer will start and run for about 5 min than die than you will try and start it again and it wont does anyone know what is wrong?

check ignition module.

1989 Chevy silverado won't start. It turns over gets gas but won't start. Whats wrong?

try replacing the ignition coil

How do you fix the Speedometer on a 91 Camaro RS?

whats wrong with it?

Is it wrong Looking forward to talk you?

looking forward to talking to you or speaking with you.

Your 91 infiniti g20 wont start the lights come on and so does the radio but when you turn the ignition there is no noise at all anybody know what is wrong?

Check the ignition switch itself, sounds like it may be the problem.

What is wrong when your security light keeps coming on and the car wont start?

If you have a chip in your key the chip may have gone bad or your ignition is not reading it. the car thinks someone is trying to steal it & stops ignition process

Your 1992 camaro rs with a 3.1 v speed died on you after driving all day and will turn over but wont start fuel pump still pumps when on acc wats wrong with it?

first thing you need to do is check to see if you have spark if you know for sure that you have 45psi for fuel pressure,then likely cause is you need an ignition module

1993 olds silhouette start and run for a little while then die will not start back up for about 24 hours what could be causing this?

It could be that your ignition key has the wrong security code.

What is wrong with my 98 Toyota Camry when it wont start put a new fuel pump on it still wont start was driving one day it just fell dead and havent started since?

Might have a bad ignition control module or ignition coil. Good Luck!!

How do you start a 2001 Chevy Camaro the security light is on and won't allow vehicle to start what could be wrong?

your battery may be dead or try unhooking your battery for 1 hour then hook back up and try again

What could be wrong with my car after I put the wrong ignition key in 2005 Chevrolet Classic and now it won't start?

The security system has activated. Wait 30 minutes and try it again with the right key.

What is wrong when the ignition locks up on a Ford Mustang?

ingnition switch locks up on 2003 Ford Mustang and only way car will start is if you can turn steering wheel back and forth to get ignition key to turn

What is wrong if you put the key in the ignition and it wont turn to turn on to start the car?

key is worn... jiggle it whilst turning... make a new key

What causes a 1990 350 5.7 to tap on acceleration?

poor or watered down gas or wrong ignition timing would be best place to start

Why is your airbag light on in your 97 camaro?

something wrong with one of the airbag sensors.

Why doesn't he key turn in the ignition?

Wrong key?

How do you get wrong key out of ignition?

Pull really hard!

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