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Why does your knee snap when you bend down?

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You are snapping a layer of cartalige and/or, you may have Arthritis. like me

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When you were undergone training free style swimming coach said do not bend knee But you see at Olympics free style players bend their knees while swimming What is the correct way?

it depends on what stroke you are swimming. if you are swimming breaststroke then you do bend your knee in freestyle and backstroke you don't bend your knee. in butterfly you only snap your whole leg your knee doesn't bend all the way. if you don't kick the right way in breaststroke then you can hurt your self becareful and ask a coach. good luck

What is the duration of Cowards Bend the Knee?

The duration of Cowards Bend the Knee is 3600.0 seconds.

What could be wrong when your knee pops when you bend it and there's pain when you step down on it?

you could have sprained your knee if the pain doesn't where off

What is take a knee?

It means to bend your knee while supporting yourself with your other leg. Sometimes people “bend the knee” in prayer.

Can you bend a circuit board?

no you cannot if you try to bend it it will snap

What is the song called that says kick kick knee knee bend down and roll?

its called the turbo hustle and it's by dj maestro

How do you Break the scar tissue after knee surgery so you can bend your knee without pain?

How do you break the scar tissue after knee surgery so i can bend my knee with out pain

What happens when you bend your knee?

When you bend your knee your knee joints bend. Also, you use a few muscles in your leg. Another interesting fact about joints; you can only use joints to bend that certain body part one way.

Do giraffes have knee caps?


What is a verb for knee?


What does your knee allow you to do?

Your knee allows you to walk and bend your leg.

French for bend of the knee?

"Plier" means to bend; "bend the knee" would be "plie le genou." In ballet dancing, we say "plié" when bending the knees.

What is a basic knee bend in ballet called?

I can't be sure, since "basic knee bend" isn't very exact. But most any knee bend in ballet can be referred to as a plie. (pronounced plee-ay)

What does the latin root flect mean?

To bend. See: genuflect (to bend down on one knee), reflex (involuntary bending), reflection (light bending back at you).

Who did Elle teach the bend and snap to in Legally Blonde?

Elle taught the 'bend and snap' to Paulette (the hairdresser) in Legally Blonde the movie and musical.

When i bend my knee there is a stiffness how do i get rid of it?

Ice it and bend it occasionally. Bend it more every time

How do you break up scar tissue after total knee replacement?

How do I go about breaking scar tissue post total knee replacement.I have about 11o% bend& that is as far as I can bend my knee

Where is the knee joint located?

It's in your leg. But if you bend your leg then it's in your knee.

Can inflammation in your knee cause it not to bend properly?

Yes, inflammation in your knee can cause it not to bend properly. The inflammation and resultant swelling can impair movement.

What does the root word flect mean?

Flect is from the Latin flectare - meaning to bend. So genuflect would be to bend the knee as genu is latin for knee. Reflect would be bend back etc. The root for flect is thus BEND.

What do you do when you exercise?

well i breathe deeply and then bend and SNAP

Why do your knee bones move?

To bend your knees

Need workers to bend and straighten the knee?


How long before bend knee afer knee orthascopic?

Bend a little every day even if it hurts, and befor you know it, you'll be fine.

What is the function of the knee joint?

The knee joint makes it possible to bend your legs and walk