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Like the others, my best guess as to what he is thinking is that he wants to know where you are. And, his preference is that you are home and babysitting (except: if he has custody and you are a stay at home "Mom" then, it is not babysitting). We cannot often know what others are thinking, but you can get strong indications from the other person's actions. If you want changes, then you will have to ask for them AND leave if you don't get a reasonable action soon. The circumstances you describe are not reasonable, given that your friends are good to the tyke and that fun does not endanger the child. It sounds like he is just using you for a free babysitter. You either need to leave him or to sit him down and talk with him. Good luck and God Bless:) You bet he is using you as a free babysitting service and he is also extremely controlling and it wouldn't surprise me if he eventually turned abusive. By not letting you go out or have friends in he is controlling you. Don't be afraid to get some self confidence and get a little angry at being used and tell this guy to take a hike and then leave! Things won't get much better. Good luck.

2007-03-18 04:02:52
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How do I chose between my boyfriend and my friends?

You can always find another boyfriend but you cant find another best friend or friends like that. which one is wortth it and if they really where friends putting you in this position.If you have to "choose" there is a problem. Real friends would never make you choose. Try to include them in what you and your boyfriend do. If your boyfriend doesn't like the idea of your friends meeting out with you than maybe you shuld take a real look at this guy and see if losing your friends is worth it.

What should you have boyfriend or best friends?

Best friends they are always gonna be there for you

Why does your friend always have one boyfriend after another?


What do you do if your boyfriend and your friends always fight?

Don't hang out with your friend's when your bf's around..

What should you do when you have a boyfriend and another guy has strong feelings for you?

Tell your boyfriend about the guy with feelings for you, and your boyfriend will handle it. But, if you also like the guy who is hitting on you, then tell him that you already have a boyfriend and that you should be just friends for the moment. There is always a nice way and a way that actually works, it is your choice which. Hope I helped!

What do i do if my boyfriend doset like me close to my bff guy but he is always close to his friends?

tell him about it ?

Why do women ignore their friends when the have a boyfriend?

Its because they get someone else to talk.Do not take it seriously actually the women always have place for friends.

Should you date your best friends ex-boyfriend?

You might want to get permission from your friend first; but remember she will always come first.

Should a girl call her boyfriend after a breakup?

Only if you agreed to be friends, which doesn't always work.

What do you do if your boyfriend is moving to another school and that's when you always see him?

dump him. Or if you really like him then just go out more. And make friends at that school to keep an eye on him. Good Luck Girlie :)

Will your boyfriend and you stay together?

well, if your boyfriend always goes out and doesn't stay at home almost never, he has another girlfriend.

How do you get your siblings to behave when you babysit them?

Rewards are always good

How do you know if your boyfriend has another girl?

If your boyfriend starts to stop showing affection towards you and is always busy and going out instead of being with you. These are signs of your boyfriend cheating on you.

What are the signs your best friend is flirting with your boyfriend?

One of the signs is you friend is trying to get you to break up with your boyfriend. Also when ever you are alone together she comes in and interups you. If she is always laughing and "acting dumb" around him that's another sign. If she's trying to always hang around him and his friends that should be pretty obvious.

What to do if boyfriend always ditches you?

Stop answering his phone calls, and move on to another man.

What should you do if your boyfriend wants to always wants to be with his friends?

Give him some space at first to see how he handles it if you hang out with your friends more often. He might not even notice that he is neglecting you. If it bothers you enough, tell him to find a balance between you and his friends or you are finding a new boyfriend.

Who needs a boyfriend on Facebook?

Uh... me?? My friends are always talking about some guy and it makes me feel out of place. And why do you ask?

How old do you have to be to have a girlfriend or boyfriend?

Well my friends always date even though they were in kinder and in 1st - their whole life.

How do you know if your boyfriend friends like you?

Well you can always ask them if the do or not, but if you don't want to ask them really you can sort of see it in them. For example if they're mean to you a lot (in a jokinging way) then that is a possibility. Also if they act weird around you then that can be another possibility. But I would say ask them first. You can usually tell if they like you or your boyfriend might bring up the subject. For example my boyfriend told me that his friends like me..So you could ask him?

How do you tell a guy you only want to be friends because you have a boyfriend and love your boyfriend so much but he knows that and wont let you go help?

Tell him clearly and impossible to understand that you're not interested in him and that you are very happy and always staying with your boyfriend. If he doesn't accept that, don't stay friends with him.

How old should a 13 year old girls boyfriend be?

It depends i had a boyfriend when i was 13 but it kinda was a guy friend thing we never went on a date alone we were always with friends we never kissed or anything ya we huged and we hung out but like friends boyfriend and girlfrends is just a titled

What will you choose between your friends and girlfriend?

Always choose your friends over a girlfriend or boyfriend because if your girlfriend or boyfriend do not work out you won't have your friends there to support you.... However relationships are equally important. Your girlfriend or boyfriend will make you feel needed and important and special.. In the long run you should not have to choose but if some reason you do. It's your choice :) good luck

What to do if your friend tells you your boyfriend is cheating on you?

If it's a good friend you trust then take their warning and keep an eye on your boyfriend and try and catch him cheating. Often good friends have to weigh whether to tell their friend the truth about such a thing for fear their friend will turn on them out of disbelief. Heed your friends warning and keep a keen eye on your boyfriend because they always slip up. they always do

Why do guys go out when they have a girlfriend?

cause people can't always hang out with their girlfriend or boyfriend. you need to hang out with friends too

Why is your boyfriend and your best friend always together?

he wants to get tips from her to please your and make you happy, or he likes her, or they are best friends as well